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First Time today wish me luck

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Using my ECB for first time today (after seasoning it last week). I have a whole chicken that has been butterfly cut and nice rub on it. I have been reading to smoke it to 170 and some people say to smoke it to 180. I was wondering what temp you guys recommend. So far so good. Ill update and put some picks on later.
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You will want to put your thermo in the breast & pull at 170. I believe that if you place it in the thigh meat, then 165 so as to not dry out the breast. I always thermo the breast. Good luck & bring on the qview.

P.S. If I am wrong about the thigh portion, someone will correct me.
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I have thermo in breast now its at 145 right now.
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You are on your way. Don't forget the qview. Looking forward to it. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Temp in breast was 170. I took it off and wrapped it in aluminum foil and i let it sit for a while. Bad news.... breasts were great, rest of chicken was raw.
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That is why I quarter chicken so I can pull the breasts before the thighs since they should be cooked to different temps anyway. Pull the thighs @ 180 next time and everyone will rave how you mastered the skill after one try.
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You know, that sucks. I truly, truly apologize if my advice was incorrect. I had read that pulling the bird with a 170 breast temp would be okay. This is the fact that I was advising you on. I hope you finished it up well. Again, I can not apologize enough. mad.gifPDT_Armataz_01_19.gificon_redface.gif
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I don't see any smoker temps? that might have been the prob with under done chicken?
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I pull mine when the breast is 165 and thighs 180, I agree you may have had the smoker temps to low
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If the bird is at 170° in the breast I would take it off now.
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Thx. I had that backwards. I haven't done chicken yet so, duh.
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Its not a problem, no need to apologize guys. It was a lot of fun. I had temp around 220. Next time I am going to take it apart and try that, the piece I ate was great. Lots of flavor. Ill try again next week.
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try upping your temps next time to 300-325 and keep the pan full (flare ups) alot of us in here cook poultry a lil hotter.
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Wow thats kind of high, I have the ECB so to get the temp that high is going to be difficult.
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Sorry to hear it wasn't done personally I like to do my chickens whole and breast up. I probe the breast and wait for it to hit 170 then before taking it out probe the thigh and look for 180 if its not there yet leave it in until it is. If smoking at 220-225 the skin often comes out kinda like rubber and many people will pull the bird a little early and finish it on a hot grill or in the oven to crisp the skin. The method many of us use to get a crispy skin is to run the smoker at 275-350 and this will give you a nice crisp skin. If you don't eat the skin then smoke it at 225 and get all the smoke you can.
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Well, I still feel kinda stupid but as long as you don't come & bust me, I guess it is all good. Hope your next one is better.
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Just wondering..

Are you sure it was raw? At 170° in the breast, I would normally expect the rest of the chicken to be done as well.

Reason I am asking.. I had someone a while back who thought it was raw but did not realize that smoked meat will have a pink tint to it due to the smoke.

Just wanted to make sure this was not the case.. I may be totally out of the ballpark here but figured it was worth asking just to verify.
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You may not get your ECB up to 300*, but for sure, DO NOT trust the thermometer it came with!!!

Even if you calibrate it, I still would not trust it. Spend a few bucks and get a Maverick ET-73.

Just My $.02


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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It was a little pink in the wings, but the legs were really pink.
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