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Good fri smoke

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Got a hankerin for some ribs thur.
Went and found family pack (4 racks ) of large spares for $1.59 lb.
got them home. rised em off and trimmed and cut them.
Brushed them w/ a mix of cane syrup , apple juice and worcestershire
Rubbed w/ some of my salt free rub. Into fridge for fri. smoke
Saved the trimmings to smoke in a pan for my next batch of wicked beans. A little apple juice jim beam and rub in the pan.
Allso bought 4 lbs of green onion sausage to smoke .
Nice day ,weather was great and the mes was flawless.
Smoked at 240 deg till 165 internal on the ribs.
Let them rest and into the refridgerator.
Wrapped in foil w/ some rub and apple juice ,in the oven now at 225 warming for lunch. wife making tater salad and thawing out some wicked beans . great lunch and NAP TIME!!

Here's the ribs before rifridgerator

And one of the pan of trims. IThink beans will be next on my bucket list.

Guess ya could call that pan full of pig , Pork burnt ends??
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No qview???
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i see it in my post any help ???
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i can see it just fine...looks fantastic PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif. you ate that today not yesterday right?
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I was able to see your qview but this link will help out tremendously.

I would love to see those beans again after you repost. Good luck.
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Yes ,
we ate it today . Fri was lent so no meat.
Any way thanks for the tutorial .Only thing i can see different is up sizeing pics which i'm not doing . I hate full page pics .
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beans are on my list for my next smoke,
ate the last out my freezer today.
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There are members on the site that, er, do I put this in a sensitive way? icon_redface.gif Need bigger pics for their qview. I'm just repeating previous posts. Not trying to start a thread war with you or anyone else for that matter.

But you are welcome for the link to the tutorial. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif It has worked wonders for me.
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Well there E I like you Qview and it looks great to me. I like the ribs and all I could see that you need to do is send some of them to me I have a boneless lamb going onto the smoker tomorrow.
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Since you asked in such a nice way ,I'll try to remember on my next post to up size the pics.
And yes i'm over 50 and legaly blind w/o my glasses.
I just don't like full page pics .
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uhhhh.. I am ashamed to say this but when I am all alone, I hook my computer up to my 50" Plasma and look at qviewicon_redface.gif

Did I just type that out loud!!??
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Wow. I did NOT know that about you. icon_mrgreen.gificon_mrgreen.gif
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Yeah.. I forgot my wife gets on here. Dang!!!
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Mm-hmm...we both know that was a cry for help. icon_wink.gif
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I can see it now

Had to reset some settings, my bad, nice lookin ribs points.gif
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As long as you don't look at it naked and slathered in BBQ sauce it's all good!!
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