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and the pig is on

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I know I have been talking about this for a couple of weeks, but today really is the day. The rains that were predicted for today, were moving through yesterday so I put it off till today. It was a long sleepless night in anticipation of today. The clock was set for 5 am but at 4:15 I just could not lay there any longer. I got up and started a pot of coffee and went outside to start my fire. Came in and had a cup then started making the rub. I then removed the pig from the cooler and washed it down good, patted it dry and applied the rub. I got the hind half on at 6:45 and the front half on about 7:10. Tempetures are running about 240-245. First chance Ive had to post.
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keep the pics coming
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looks like your off to a good start
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Finished getting ready. Made a mop suace out of pineapple juice, Knob Creek, worshcescere sauce, garlic powder, onion powder, cayanne pepper. Made me a little drink of pineapple juice and Knob. Not to bad. Got my refreshments ready. These pictures were taken about 3 hours in. Reinforcements should be here about 1 pm.
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Lookin' good, but you're gonna have to make those pics a bit bigger for us "OLD GUYS" !

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tell me how. if I try to make them bigger it says they are to big and wont upload them.
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Now your pig is looking really good so far. But as far as your Qview here's a tutorial on how too post them and the right size an all.
This such help you with it. You want the large size for the Qview to fit with no problem.
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thanks for the link, lets see if it works.
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Now that's some qview, great job points.gif
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Food looks great! SO does the beverage cart, What time do we need to be there!
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aw man.... your post title has THIS SONG STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!

Looks like you're having a great day :)
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Thanks for all the comments
If your comming for drinks your late. If your comming for food this is Easter dinner tommorow 1pm.

5 hours in with tbs tempetures maintained at 250

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Looks great, Im on my way for some easter dinner, lol. Keep the qview coming.
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I believe this is done in a smoker.......If so please tell me size of pig and all the juicy details.......I want to do this I think........thanks in advance.....JACK
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It was supposed to be 90lbs I estimated at 125. I bought 3 of them last week for $25.00 each. I had to gut and skin them myself. Through it in the freezer till this weekend. This is turning out to be one of my best smokes ever. It has been very little trouble to keep the temps at 250. Lots of time to sip on a cold one and tell fish stories. follow the story I have posted so far. I will try to continue to post pictures as it happens but to be truthful, it will be less as the beers go down. I will continue to take pictures and will fill in the blanks tomorow. these pictures were taken at 3:15 about 8 hours in. A piece fell off the ribs so I had to try it. So tender and juicy. I mop the pig about every hour to hour and a half.

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points.giffor getting those pics larger. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifFor excellent looking pork. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif For your drink selection. Keep that qview coming. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Pictures are perfect now----Even us old guys can see the beautiful meat your gonna be gulping down soon.
Well deserved------->>>points.gif for you.

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Diggin the piggin.....pics look good, although that last one is either a bit fuzzy or I have me beer goggles on..biggrin.gif

Looks great looking forward to seing some pics of the finished product...
What type of smoker do you have there, I would like to see the setup.

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Great looking pig, I'm guessing that the skin is on. I did a couple front shoulders with skin on, turned out great. Thanks for the qview.

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Thanks guys for your great comments. Sorry I didn't get back yesterday but it was a rough day. Had to get up at 5 and go cook Easter breakfast at Church. Then back home and start up the smoker for the reheat. Also smoked a large pack of chicken breast from Sams.Then the guests were here and things were prety hectic.

I will post more pictures and the rest of the story tonight
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