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Kielbasa Smoke

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I was thinking about spliting them before grilling/smoking them. What temp should I look for? Any condiment or side dish ideas?
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I wouldn't split them till after...all the juices will leak out. I take my sausagees to about 150 or so...good luck
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I usually take mine ta 155° an let the carry over do the rest. I wouldn't split em niether.

Sauerkraut, onions fer fixins an beans on the side come ta mind. Maybe some nice corn bread ta go with it. Put em on a nice sourdough bun lightly browned on the griddle.

Dessert, a good blueberry cobbler.

Make fer a fine meal.
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Sorry no qview, but I did split them and everything carmelized great! I also grilled some peppers, onions and made a paperika aioli put it all on some grilled ciabatta bread. The thing was fantastic! Highly recommend trying this one but I forgot to take pics I'm new to the forum and not used to taking a lot of pictures of everything I cook. I'll try not to forget next time.
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We will fogive you this time, and this time only PDT_Armataz_01_06.gif
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