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To rub or not to rub......First brisket

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Hi everyone...

So we picked up a "1/2 flat boneless brisket' at Sams, right at 4lb. I've never done a brisket. So, I turned to the experts here at SMF and man, oh man, am I confused.

Inject vs no inject. mustard rub vs. no mustard rub. marinate vs. no marinate, foil, pulling temps, .... you get the idea.... It all sounds great, but for tonite, I need something quick, easy and relatively painless (for me & the brisket)..

That said, what's your suggestion on how to get this first brisket underway? Thanks in advance, you guys are great...

Happy Easter everyone!!
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I do a rub with mustard, barbeque and mesquite sesonings the nite before I smoke a brisket.
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Ok, I wasnt sure about the mustard. Now what about the temps? I was thinking 225-250*, but what's a good 'rule of thumb' for time, temp to pull the brisket off the pit, temp to foil, etc? From a fellow Hooiser, thanks for the quick reply and ideas! Boiler Up!
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I do not inject anything into the meat and it is juicy and tender. Just trust your therm's and your smoker and let it rest in a cooler for at least 1 hour. Post some qview with your results. And finally don't panic when the brisket hits the dreaded stall.
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You'll get some nice bark w/the mustard and rub, I normally do a 9-12lb packer brisket at about 225* for 9-12 hours. I spritz with apple juice and apple cider vinegar every few hours. I do not foil, only for the cooler. I take it off at 180* for the cooler. I hope this helps.

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Ok, thanks for the great ideas! I'm about to pull some flat iron steaks off the BGE now. After dinner we're going to tackle our first brisket!

Stay tuned for QView!

Thanks RP
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I'm also about to do my first brisket (though its a 12lb behemoth) - probably Sunday.

Based on THIS THREAD and other ideas I've absorbed here I think I'm going to do the following:

1) I want to inject it with *something*.... not sure what yet
2) Score the fat diagonally
3) Go a bit heavy on the rub... probably will do the mustard trick
4) Cook it a bit hotter to keep it more tender and juicy 250-275 degrees
5) Cook it with the fat cap UP so the rendering fat bastes the meat
6) Spritz with apple juice every hour or so
7) Either foil it or put it in a pan after it's been in the smoker 3-4 hours
8) Remove it from the smoker at an internal temp of 185 at the thickest spot
9) Wrap it in foil and let it rest in a cooler for an hour or two
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a heavy coat of rub and smoked at 250 till its at the 200-210 range, and all i do is put it on the counter and cover it for maby 30 min.
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Personally I like to use mustard then a rub as for marinade, inject I would suggest trying them all as well as doing none and see which you prefer. As for how to heres a link to a basic brisket smoke that if you follow you should have good results
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good point there, as for a first time brisket you might want to leave out the injecting since theres so many different stuff and flavors out there and if you get the wrong flavor you wont be happy with the finished meat.
a basic smoke the first time would be the way to go here.
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Now the mustard is added only to help hold on the rub till it sets during smoking. There will be not flavor from the mustard left after the smoke. Now I would inject it if you want to I have sometimes and then sometimes I don't. Now the other part is I run my smoker at about 240°or so and then pull the meat at 165° for the foiling and then pull it again at 205° for the finish and then into a dry cooler for at least an hour or more if possible.
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mustard has a tendency to to turn very black and thats not a bad thing tho just a black bark.
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what happened to the other 10#'s, its going to be difficult but rub heavy, wrap with liquids in foil at 150*,pull at 205*. its difficult to do a small briskit like that ,but good luck!
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What???????????? smoking to much hickory in his pipe there PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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A smaller brisket is just as easy as a larger one, maybe even easier sine it takes less time. The results can be just as good. Here's a small one 3# before smoking, salt and fresh cracked pepper only. I did spritz it after the first hour and foiled at 160 and then took it to 205 and wrapped for two hours. Tender, juicy and delicious!

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Thanks everyone for the great ideas and suggestions! I always learn something here and I appreciate your input et ideas!

Have a great Easter everyone...
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