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Steelhead pics

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Igot a lil yard work done too
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Im smokin some fish tonight (whatever i can find at the market)

THANKS for the motivation... looks great!
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Fish looks great, where did you catch em?
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Your fish look wonderfull and I bat they will taste just as good. Did you do anything to them I didn't notice any rub on them maybe some olive oil or something???
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I would guess they were brined??
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Wow !!!!!!!!
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Looks great!
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We caught them using spawn in the galien river. about a mile form the big lakebiggrin.gif
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Nope nuthin extra. Just brined for 24hrs than smoke with hickory and alittle cherry. I have glazed em with honey before but i prefer nothing. My diabetic father in law appreciates it too..
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