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Nice article about making Bangers

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Here is a very nice article about a guy making his own British Bangers. He researched and documented it very well.
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Thanks for sharing.
Great informative tutorial for some tasty looking sausages PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Yes thanks for sharing!!
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Now I have eaten a true or atleast what I have thought to be a true banger sausage from an English deli of sorts. Now the vidio is really nice an all but the next part would be really nice to see it finished making the banger. Now those are the things that get megoing here is the true blue recipes for things like a banger sausage.
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Cool i joined the sausage making forum too, it doesn't look like they post pics of the food damn them!!! we will have to show them the light.
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A very nice article till I saw the pic of his stuffed sausage on the Kitchen Aid, thats not pretty.
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Yeah, I've left comments for him previously trying to convince him to cough up the $70 bucks and get a Grizzly stuffer. So far it hasn't worked.
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Lol yes it looked like he was having a hell of a time with it.
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