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"Night of the Living Dead" Bluray -- free download

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"Night of the Living Dead" has been in the Public Domain for some time now, so this is 100% legal.

I've uploaded the entire unadulterated m2ts rip to

Also, I've used the m2ts as a source and encoded it into several other formats including DVD, PS3, iPod, etc. The VERY BEST encodes are the 1080p and 720p versions in mkv containers. I did quite a bit of research on x264 encoding options and used the ones that provide the highest quality possible. Then I copied both the DD and DTS audio tracks over without compression and added the chapters information. It took my quad-core nearly 24 hours for the 1080p, and you'd be hard-pressed to see any difference from the original.

You'll want to use a download manager for the larger files (the m2ts is 16.3GB). I use the DownThemAll extension for Firefox. These files have been downloaded over 5500 times without any complaints, and I've downloaded and tested them all, also, so if one doesn't work right for you, just try downloading it again.

Also, if you want to watch it online, then click on #3 in the player. The quality is much lower for the web stream, though.

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Awesome, thanks Bret!
People would be amazed at how many pretty good movies are public domain.
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My pleasure! It was a "labor of love" -- it took me several weeks to get everything encoded and uploaded.

There are tons of great PD movies over at -- I love the old Horror/Sci-fi stuff. Plus, they have an insane number of Grateful Dead shows if you're into that.
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Wow, this sounds great.
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Someone PM'd me asking if the files can be downloaded and burned to DVD, so I thought that I'd post my response here in case anyone else had the same question.

All of the files can be downloaded. There are two mpeg2 files for burning DVD's -- one for DVD5 (regular size DVD) and one for DVD9 (double-layer DVD). Just right-click on whichever one and "Save As..."

The files are mpeg2, so you'll need to use some kind of DVD-burning software to burn a disc that will play in your DVD or Bluray player.
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