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Gettin' my butts ready to go!

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Got my boys b-day party coming up this weekend and the list of guest seems to be growing by the day! Asked earlier in the week about how many butts to do and I appreciate the responses PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif I have since elected to do three averaging 7 lbs each. They have been injected and are currently soaking in a bath of the remaining marinade for the next 15 hours. When I get home from work tomarrow I will let them dry off a bit and give 'em a good rub down before I fire up th smoker. Going to do them over night with cherry wood and try to have them off by 9 pm for a noon lunch.

First of what I hope to be a great Q-View
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Right on! Keep us posted with Qview! ABT's go great with pulled pork. Hint hint...
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I feel snubbed, wheres my invite?
GREAT start ya got there!!
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Well, sorry for the delay and now on with the promised Q-view icon_cool.gif

I took my butts out of the marinade and rubbed 'em good with my special mix around 3:30 this afternoon and lit my fire around 4:30.

Butts whent in just after 5 pm to smoke over cherry for 2 hours.

Let the smoke die out around 7:30 and now just cooking over charcoal for the rest of the night.

The've been on now for almost 3 hours and are sitting at 127* I'm expecting them to stall out around 140-150 in a few hours hoping to get them done before or around 5 am. I try to update you night owls on the progress.
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Looking good so far
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10:15, I whent out and changed the configuration of my rack real fast. The rack holding the drip pan was sitting too low and made it hard to add coals under the pan to keep the water steaming. Things are easier now, I have never done more than one butt at a time so this time I expected a few complications. Anyhow internal temps are 143* for the left one and 145* for the one on the right, no temp gauge for the middle one but since it is smaller I assume that it is around 150* Mopped 'em up real good added some charcoal to the fire and water to the pan, going to watch the t.v. for a while check back later.

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Now your butts look great and you will soon be on your way to flavor town with those butts. I know it wiil be a good birthday for your son so tell him Happy Birthday from the folks at SMF.
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Butts came off about 5:30 this morning , 202*, 205* & 199* finished temps. Foiled them at 170* and when they came off I wraped another layer of foil on them, lined my small cooler with a few towels and they are in to rest for a few hours. I'm off to rest too, will get you all finished pics later on after the party, Happy Smoking all!
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No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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