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smoking wood and taste

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i am going to try smoking with all wood this weekend and am wondering when i refuel during a long smoke should i worry about any creosote build up or any bad taste or should i just put the logs in thanks for the help
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what type of cooker are you cooking on? Is you wood good and seasoned? I have a large cooker and use wood exclusively. I used good seasoned wood and don't worry about creasote. when you first thow a log on you might see white smoke but with in a couple of minutes I am back to thin blue smoke. That is the most important thing. If you are producing thin blue smoke creosote should not be a problem
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what kind of wood are you using?
When I burn mostly wood I like to use oak as my main fuel source and add other wood for more flavoring.
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I burn 100% wood, small HOT fire, as said, you will get some white nasty for a bit, but goes away fast.
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I am smoking on a smoke hollow grill and smoker and i am using 1:3 ratio of hickory and apple good seasoned wood that i got from Ree's Fruit Farm in Topeka KS. thanks for all the info
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