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Need help picking new smoker!

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I've been doing a lot of research online, and stumbled across this forum. So let me ask you, WSM or the Big Steel Keg. I've seen a lot of reviews on the WSM and everyone seems to love it. I know the BSK is a new and improved version of the Bubba Keg, so there aren't many reviews of it. Most of the reviews from the Bubba Keg I saw were good though.

I was looking at the BGE, but after many people saying that they have a tendancy to crack, I started looking elsewhere. So those are the 2 I'm kinda settling on. I would appreciate any info (good or bad) on these 2 smoker/grills. Thank you.
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What you need is a 22.5 WSM.. you just don't know it yet.icon_mrgreen.gif

I just got one and I have a crush on my new smoker big time.. see my thread about it:

Let's just say that my wife is jealous.. especially when she catches me hugging my smokericon_redface.gif
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Or scrap that idea totally with those smokers and save yourself a ton of money and build a UDS.
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To each his own but I'm a gasser and I say to buy a Smoke Vault 24" they are great.
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Go for the WSM - 22.5" if you got the $$. I just changed from a Char-Griller with side fire box to a 22.5" WSM. Let me tell ya! Night and day differance. I can load the WSM, light it, add meat, and walk for 3 or 4 hrs, check the water pan, and walk away for another 3 or 4 hrs.

Rock steady temps, super easy to use, and still enough grill room to feed a large crowd. My only regret was that I hadn't found this forum BEFORE I bought my offset smoker.... I might have just started out with the WSM... lol.
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First of all, Jeff doesn't have a crush on his WSM, they're involved. LOL!

Second of all, put mathematically, WSM <> UDS. Although similar, they have different plusses and minuses and are not interchangeable.

The questions you need to ask yourself are: what will I be cooking, for how many, and how much time do you want to spend doing it. I'd go with either the WSM 22 or 18, depending on your meat volume needs. I may yet build a UDS, but only for the experience.
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if you want something easy to set up and use and clean get a gosm big block nothing beats it, you can cook for everyone or just a small load too (if there is such a thing as a small load)
and cost is only 200 at bass pro shops
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my vote is the WSM. its easy to use and can be found "preowned" for cheap. i found mine on craigslist for $50
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Everyone here that has a different type of smoker, will promote the type they have. If you are already looking at a WSM, go for it. 22.5 is what you will want because after you get started smoking, you will look around for stuff to smoke. Eggs, Meat, Veggies, Ice Cream, heck, even the family pet might start looking interesting. The BGE is nice, good & versatile but cracks like you said. (Must be some serious cooking going on there. They cost way too much to crack in my book.) I concur with the above post because I have a Char-Griller with a SFB & I promise you, if I had stumbled onto this site before my purchase, I would NOT have a Char-Griller with a SFB. So my friend, if you have the $$$$$ & you have done a little research, then take the plunge. Just make sure that you look into MES or if you have talent & tools or access to tools, build an UDS. Those are fun too but my money is on the WSM. I am gonna get one soon (two weeks I hope) & I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!!
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+1 UDS all the way baby!! Best smoker I have ever used ( and I've been through plenty) ended up selling off my WSM and my Bar-B-CHEF 'cause i never used them again after the first UDS smokeathon.I built a dual chrome exhaust, dual 22.5" rack model with a thermo from a NEW drum ( not a toxic burnout) for about $150. They can easily be made single rack, new barrel etc. for under $100... but the Chrome duals just look way cool.
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WSM for sure,

stick with charcoal, and dont think about going gas or electric.

UDS? perhaps an option for those who are handy with tools, but when you figure in time assembling one, sourcing the parts, etc, it is probably more expensove than a WSM, at least when I figured in what my free time is worth..

I actually got offered a UDS for free, but have no use for one, I already have a WSM, & dont need anything else.

good luck, but you are on the right track sticking with charcoal imho.
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This goes to show us we all have our opinions, I did just the opposite. Once I got my Horizon and got to try the product off of it I couldn't go back to the drum. The burning fat drippings turned me off of it once I tried Q from the Horizon.

This lead me to get the WSM. The product off of it has a much better flavor to me than the drum had. No more drum smokers for me, I gave mine away.
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Another push for me to go in the WSM direction
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Or you could get a Great Smoker that does almost everything....
Check out the Traegers at
Watch the video clip marked "Consumer" all the way thru and I'm sure you'll be impressed. I've had mine for 4 years and love it!!!!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Either way

My advice is, just get a smoker, start cooking, and bring on the qview PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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