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Any mods on a drip pan?

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i would like to try a drip pan and see how it tastes, just looking for ideas
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to see how it tastes???

probably have a metal taste I'm thinking.icon_wink.gif
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If you do try it, let us know
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lol good oneicon_redface.gif
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My drum has a dome lid, I smoked a beef rump roast last weekend and put it on the top grate, I placed a stainless steel pan on the lower rack below the roast to see if I could tell the difference (fat dripping on the coals vs. not) and personally I like the extra flavor the fat gives to the meat, I have decided that a drip pan is not necessary for me.
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Did you notice any differences in heat? I want to try this too, but is the water pan too far up to steam properly? Does it create a "cool spot" where the "hot spot" used to be (directly above the basket), or did it remain even?
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I didn't use water, seems like there is enough moisture in the drum already. I didn't notice any difference as far a cool spot, it worked great actually, but I didn't notice a difference in flavor, I think the thing to do is to cook a couple butts two days apart once with drip pan one without and see if there is a difference in flavor. I didn't use any more fuel than normal either. I think you would if you put a plate directly on the coal basket. I used Royal oak lump.
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i just wanted to try it too for the same reason, maybe it would take a few burns to get out the existing meat juices that are already in the smoker and on the charcoal basket? its really a nasty smell that comes from the smoker when cooking, i guess that's the juice burning?
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I picked this one up at a restaurant supply. It was under $20.00 from what I remember. It's stainless and is about 15"-16" across. Easy to clean, I use oven cleaner from the dollar store to clean up the smoke buildup on the underside. Hope this helps.
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I use this pan that I got at Wal-Mart for $5 and the C-bolts at Home Depot for $1!
I wanted it not so much because of the fat dripping on the coals but I wanted to save the drippings to make a gravy.
I also fill it with apple juice when a do BBR or fill it with the brine when I do Turkeys or Chickens.

I've been very happy with it and noticed no loss of fuel efficiency!
Give it a shot, the only part that sucks is cleaning the pan when I forget to EVOO it!icon_mrgreen.gif

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Thats what I call sour smoke, I personally don't like it, some folks love it. Not right or wrong, just personal preference. Smoke on. icon_smile.gif
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That one is super cool. I will try that for sure. I have only smoked on my UDS a few times and have placed the water pan from my 40" MES directly over the coals with 16 oz of water. The meat did the rest. Shoulders came out great.
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Thats the one i was looking for, couldn't remember where it was. this would be the way i would have to do it because i only have one cooking grate.
That putrid smell that comes from the smoker might flavor the meat better but i wanna try with a pan and see what happens. Heck you could even use that big bowl like this too
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This is my diffuser/drip plate. Its made from 10 gauge that I heated and gave a bit of a contour too so the juices would gravitate to the center instead of into the barrel. Its mounted a couple inches above the fire box, it does a good job of steaming the drippings. The only downside is I guess it keeps the oxygen level down to where it only will hit 250 fully uncapped. But will hold 210 all day one cap off and valve open.

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That plate is a awesome idea !
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you could make a few of the holes around the perimeter larger. i think you aren't getting enough draft and it is like having the damper on the stack or the dome vents closed. maybe make the holes that are not over the top of your inlet openings bigger so the draft would not be as strong near those and the fresh air will stay under the plate longer. the plate is a great idea! pointspoints.gif
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Line that sucker with tinfoil before you put it on the smoker then you won't have a mess to clean up. Just throw the foil and apply more for the next time. Do you use this on your top rack? I wanted to try this but if I put my grate on the bottom rack position I have to tilt my rack to get it past the first set of bolts for the top rack so all of my water/juices would spill out. If I used it on the top rack then I could just lift it straight out and be fine.
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