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Here are a couple of pictures from this morning. I'm smoking a 7# shoulder and a ham shank to take to the parents tomorrow. Simply covered in mustard and some of my favorite rub I get from a local pro here in town. Using white oak and also some apple. I'll post some mid-smoke pics in a bit.

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Looking good, can't wait to see the finished product. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Everythig looks good so far and I would really like to see the finished Qview.
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Here's the shoulder. Just got to 160* and has formed a great bark so I'm putting it into a roasting pan with apple juice, vinegar and a little more rub.

Got the shoulder taken care of so now I'm putting the ham hock in.

**More to come...
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It looks like its a great day around the smoker and gonna be some good eats as well
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Shoulder looks great. Can't wait to see the ham.
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what temp did you use?
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looks great, you guys are making me hungry.
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wow looking good, bet it will taste even better
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Remelle, I kept it around 220*.
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