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Chicken Legs

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I want to do some chicken legs in my brinkman electric smoker. Any suggestions for getting the temps higher? I was thinking about leaving the water out. This may raise the temp a little. My smoker usually settles between 225 - 250F with the water in the bowl. Also, can I do some ribs concurrently if I raise the temp? If so, suggestions. . .

Thanks in advance.

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225-250 is right where I want to be why are you looking to get it hotter? I brine and smoke chicken legs all the time. They are a great snack.
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Are you tring to get the skin alittle more crispy??? Maybe thats why you need the higher temps?? But I do whole chickens all the time and they come out great
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higher temps will happen if you leave water pan out and add a small pan of coals 6 to 8.
set pan on element do not use lump in thisPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks! I suppose I will not do anything different. I was under the impression from some other posts that the temp for poultry needed to be higher. Planning to do some chicken legs and ribs this weekend.

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