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water pan

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Hello all i have a ? i am doing a pulled pork for Easter and i can't seem to find my water pan for my smoker i no funnyicon_redface.gif is using a coffee can ok and if so should i burn it out.. What about not using a water pan i have not tried this just always used one do any of you not use one with good results? thank you for your time...

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I am guessing you are using the trash can? If so, shouldn't a deep aluminium pan work? Someone correct me if I am wrong.
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If the coffee can has a peel-off label, remove it. I'm not sure what you're using for a smoker, any hints?
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An aluminum pan should work
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Agreed. I use a disposable roasting pan that you can get at any grocery store. I'd be hesitant to use a coffee can that had paint on it. One with a peel off label should be fine though.
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I think this is gonna come down to the Smoker your using... What do you got?
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The suspense is killing me...what kind a smoker?
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Yes the type of smoker would be nice but if you can find another pan of similar size to fit in the slot or groves that the old one used to fit into.
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I checked his roll call post. That is why I went with the trash can. He has three I think listed.
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caveman you i wanted to use my trash can they other water pans i have do not fit in the trash can smoker.

I went and bought a aluminum pan like you all said this will work great thanks.
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Your welcome. Good luck!!
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