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Old world curing anyone?

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Looking around a bit, I don't see anyone who does old world cures like a salt only and air dried cures for things like prosciutto and Sopressata. Just curious if anyone here is into it.
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That subject gets heated here..Cureing in general that is...Smf trys to follow the usda guidelines for this subject do to the can of worms meat can have if not done right.
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I have done Panchetta several times and it is yummy stuff!
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Ditto to that!
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Old world curing can be done safely and my experienced curers do it a lot. I make my on Seranno hams and many fremented sausages from the old country. Part of the problem with doing it right is the fact that the unpurified salts of the old world are no longer available readily. But they can still be had from a few sources. Un-refined salts had more nitrates and nitrites in them naturally.

They are very nice products and persons possessing the correct attitude and experience can bang out some nice products.

Failure to study and understand the difference between old world salts and cures and the stuff presently sold as salt is the main reason for failure.
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I would listen to Bbally he's our local meat spe******t around here.
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WOW! The words that get filtered! Never thought S P E C I A L I S T would get filtered.PDT_Armataz_01_04.gif
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I must be one of the guys who doesn't know enough about other ways to stick to using "cure".

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Yes, but there's no real reason to on most a the stuff, as cure is another safety procedure what helps prevent food poisionin er the loss of alotta meat.

Some things can only be done the old way ta get the same product, others the cure don't hurt a thing.
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