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Fattie Success!!

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Well i finally understand the fattie craze!! I get it now, i made a couple with peperoni, mozzarella, onion, tomato sauce, fresh Parmesan and spices over cherry wood and didn't over cook or over smoke them this time and they were awesome!!! my daughter even liked them this time. I didn't put bacon on them and that's one reason i liked them better, i hate to say bacon could ruin something but in the smoker bacon sucks!! i wish i had pics.
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In the smoker bacon sucks?????? Shame On You!!!!!! haha I started using less bacon on mine. I never cover it fully.
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haha i have always liked my bacon crispy
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Yea if you want it crispy you kick up the heat nice and good the last little bit to crisp it up.
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congrats on the fatties well done
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The bacon seems to keep the burger or sausage from drying out. Not to mention the added flavor. Ive started putting mine in the oven for a few to crisp it up. Im not a big fan of white bacon either.
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Now thats why I always use the thin and cheap bacon it still adds flavor but it does get crispy in th smoker.
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mm eating fattie leftovers mmmm im hooked now!
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mmmm fatties, I haven't had a fatty in almost 8 months, I am starting to shake, helucinate and get very irritable.

I happen to agree with the OP, I have done fatties with and without bacon and I actually enjoy the ones without bacon more than those with.
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I always get hungry after reading posts on Fatties!

And, I always get thirsty when I see a Beer commercial!!!!


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Yeah, I wish you had some qview, though.
I think the NEXT fatties I make will have the pizza ingredients.
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well heres the only pic i took from my cell phone, sorry it looks like crap.
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