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I use a small galvanized bucket, 2 or 3 gallon, with a 10 1/2" dia. grate sitting about 2" down from the top as a perch for my chimney. Nothing can over heat and as an added bonus the bucket catches all of the tiny embers that fall while the lump is catching fire.
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One other thing to keep in mind, If you use an electric starter... you know the ones that look like a mini oven element, only keep it plugged in for 8-10 minutes otherwise it can overheat and explode too.

From the Maverick website...

The instructions above tell you to remove the electric starter from the charcoal after 8 minutes. The reason for this is that your electric starter will attain a temperature of 1000°F. This temperature will hasten the deterioration of your starter and with sufficient wind; the charcoal will melt the sheath of the element. If you leave you starter in the charcoal and if it is still plugged in, there is danger of explosion as the sheath reaches the melting point.
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Yes, luckily no one was hurt, the dog and I both jumped 3 feet in the air though.biggrin.gif
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You have got to post the pics man.
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Rather not true in general, Fire brick is one of the most
adequate , not face brik. Face brick will explode like a firecracker! Little small HOT, HOT chips going everywhere!

Fire brick are used to line masonary fire places and are "fired" to withstand this kind of heat.

Be careful everyone.
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Sounds like the chimney companies need a warning label on them. I put mine on the grill so no problems here.
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I would love to see them putting warning labels that say that right on the chimney because of the SMF community. Might be worthwile to send them emails or something, along with pics that support it. or just a waste of time i dunno
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Yes heat on the cold cement equals boom boom.
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That's a big azz hole! eek.gif
I set mine in the driveway (we have stones) and have heard a few of them explode at times, glad I never put the chimney on concrete!
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yup! i use one of these:

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It is good no one was hurt. I use a small type grill to light my chimney as well. The pieces of lump that fall through go into the grill for easy recovery. Stay safe!
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I know when you try to cut steel with oxy/accet on concrete, the concrete does -a lot- of popping. I learned that in my early years of welding.
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that comes through moisture in the concrete

When heated it becomes steam
on the surface it is now problem,but when the heat goes deeper the steam can not get out

when the pressure is great enough to break concrete,it does that with much violence

a hole in the concrete,is the consequence

I always place it on the charcoal grill
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I like my smoked meats violence free, Thank you very much.
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I learned this lesson tailgaiting at 8 AM in a parking lot.

I usually just use the side burner on the gas grill to light the coals. The Weber chiminy fits perfect.
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You've got me wondering about the fire pit i made in my backyard, i poured concrete in it for the bottom so all the hot logs and coals sit right on the concrete lol it burns very good always burns up what i put in it.
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Patio blocks will blow up too. I have seen it happen!
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