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Bearcarver quick ? are you bumping the temp each hour ?
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I usually wrap in saran then foil does it make a difference?I figure the saran will let the moisture go out and back in I have never tried foil and then saran?
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BC, great post. That is some great looking pork. You could not have done better. points.gif
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Grilling would dry them out.eek.gif

I fry them in a pan "VERY LIGHTLY", because they have already been smoked to over 160 degrees. I only put them in the pan to warm them up a bit.

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Not exactly every hour, on the hour. I kinda play it by ear on these. When the smoke dies down because the element isn't staying hot long enough to keep the chips burning, I bump it up to keep the element on longer. You will find that you'll get to your top temp quicker in the Summer than in the Winter this way, because the element won't be needed as much in the Summer. Then once you get up to the higher temps the chips will be smoking nearly all the time.

Don't forget this is with an MES.

I hope that makes sense to you.

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I don't really know. Your way may make more sense, but foil, then saran is the way I learned.
I figured the foil makes it cool slower, and the saran wrap keeps the juices from running all over my fridge.

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Thanks a lot Caveman

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Don't know how I missed this post...
Don't know why I opened it either.... cuz I knew it would make me slobber for CB and the idea of smoked CB chops is over the top, BC!

I finally figured out what your intials stand for...

points.giffor this one, brother
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Simply amazing...I will have to try this soon! Thanks for taking the time to illustrate this.
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Thanks Tracy,
You guys are GREAT!


Thank you too "srivera1965"
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If you preheat the smoker, does time/temp issue really come into play?  I know that internal needs to be 165 for medium for pork loin.  But like I said,  if you preheat smoker, bring it to temp then place meat, internal is constantly climbing.  

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This recipe is for "Cured & Smoked" Pork Loin, not regular smoked pork loin.


But yes, if you preheat your smoker first, the initial shock of all of that cold (under 40˚) meat going into it all at once will be less.


Not sure, but I hope that answers your question,


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