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Just a reminder that there is a Sandwich throwdown going on this month. I have seen a few people turn in qviews of sandwiches that they could have entered. Not much of a turnout so far this month with only a little more than a week left. Now lets see some sammies!
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I just finished my trial run of Montreal smoked meat. While not visually stunning or much different from pastrami, the lack of recipes / technique made it quite the challenge, and a tasty sammie!

I'll have to post it later after I finish going through my notes.
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Bump For Sammies!
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I thought that this thread would be very active! I'm sure there's alot of ideas out there waiting for a camera. icon_cool.gif
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Only one day left for the April throwdown. I have only received a handful of entries so your chances are pretty good if you enter.
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let's go people........don't make me come up with somethng just to fill the void!!!!!!!
J/K........i am really looking forward to seeing what people come up with this month.
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My last bump for April......icon_cool.gif
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