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30" or 40" ss/with window in door

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Howdy folks I am a newbee to this forum,first post.I belong to several other BBQ forums.I stumbled on this forum the other night and been lurking awhile.This site is great!!!
I am retired 67years old,started Q-ing with my grandaddy as a child,didn't pay as much attention as I should.After reading about these MES smokers,really got my interest.Sounds like what I need,more of a set and forget.
Been checking the 30"black and ss w/ window in door and the 40" ss w/ window in door.
I have narrowed it down to the 30" ss with window in door or 40" ss with window in door.
There is nobody,but me and my wife and that is all I will be cooking for.I think the 40" would be over kill for just the two of us.
Sorry for such a long post,but I would really appreciate you folks input.

Thanks a millon............JJ
SE Alabama
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Either choice is a good one!

Only time I fill my 40" up is when I do snack sticks.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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ive heard window fog up and you cant see thru em anyway!!!
Get a gosm and relax easiest thing to use,
$200 at bass pro
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I got the 30" from Home Depot a few months ago and love it. The one thing about it is that it's a little narrow for a full slab of ribs or anything else that long. I use an old rack I bent to a curve to "tent" them. I paid $249 when I got mine and they're down to $174 now. The best price I've seen on here for the 40" is $299 at Sams. I wished at the time I had gotten the 40" for the $50 difference but my local Sams didn't have them yet. Now for $125 difference I'd probably settle for the 30"..
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Welcome to SMF ... I am new also and I use a 30" and it is plenty big enough for me. I also think that the window is a wast of time.
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I think either will serve you fine. One drawback on the 30' is not being to do full slabs of ribs, otherwise it is a toss up.
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Thanks to you all and I will be lingering around here......JJ
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Smokers are like boats, RVs, Flat Screen TVs, after you buy one you'll wish you got the bigger one. The MES is a great choice for a smoker!

As already pointed out the 30" can't lay a rack of ribs flat and smoke it. Obviuosly you can smoke more with the 40", but also it also you a few other options because of the extra space. The 40" only cost a couple extra pennies an hour to run. If you buy the Sam's 40" version you get a free cover.

Either the MES 30" or 40" are great smokers, but hey you start turning out great Q, your neighbors and friends might show up on your door step, and if you have a 40 you will be ready for them.

MES New Owner Tips:
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I just bought the 40" at Sam's and plan on giving it a real workout this summer.

I opted for it because of the extended warranty from Sam's for an additional $39.00 and for the wider box so I can smoke slabs without cutting them.
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Hey I got the SAMS version and no cover was included?
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Was the cover in the box? I did not get a cover either..
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The cover is no longer avaiable from Sam's but you can get from their website. Or you should call them, it was available before but I don't see it now.
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Sorry I didn't know Masterbuilt stopped including the cover for the Sam's version.

Too bad.

You still got an amazing smoker at a excellent price even if the cover isn't included.
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