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Smoked muskrat

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Hey. Who has ever smoked a muskrat. I got some sitting in a mild salt brine. Any special techniques out there. I usually boil them and fry them in butter. Pretty tough to beat that way. I gotta Q view this
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I couldn't resist icon_mrgreen.gif
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why you want to do that????
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I've got a couple more for you. I just need to get a better shot as they're in my pond. They tear he77 out of stuff!
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No comment.
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Never eat myself any Muskrat but have had some Nutra Rat and it is some good. It taste kinda like Hawk.
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I prefer my muskrat smoked, then beer battered and deep fried then wrapped in bacon and covered in sausage gravy and ketchup. I like to wash it down with 3 bottles of bacardi 151 and a couple mouthfuls of Listerine. And then a couple of York peppermint patties.
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I'd hate to see what you'd do for a Klondike Bar! icon_mrgreen.gif
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I have once eaten muskrat
and cooked as rabbit, you can not taste the difference
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Muskrat eh? Not sure the ol girlfriend would let me keep that stuff in our fridge. Maybe if I labeled it chicken... Haven't really seen any on the front range though. There are plenty of Marmots around here, anybody smoke those?
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Had it fried like rabit, but favorite is in a crock pot as pulled rat. Do beaver same way.
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Smoked Muskrat

Hey love the responses boys. There is a little gland in the hind quarter that has to be removed once you do that all of that strong musk taste goes out with it. Gotta admit though if you have a prep place away from moms kitchen it sure helps. But Rio I was thinking of doing some of it like pulled pork and wrapping some bacon around it as I smoke it.
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beer battered muskrat

Now that's what I'm talkin about Fire Starter. Hey guys if I Q view it should I put a warning on it that it may be offensive to some viewers.
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Just QView it... cant say i'd eat it, but im curious of the finished product... Do it!
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x2and that link to the song cracked me up.....muskrat lovePDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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The only smoking I'd be doing with a muskrat is at the end my shot 12 gauge. I grew up on a farm with them little things racing though the creeks on our land and the only thing I'd ever thought to do to them is shoot them. I guess I just emphasize the "RAT" more than the "musk".
But hey, if you want to eat it, I ain't stopping you. That leaves more beef, pork or poultry for the rest of us.
Good luck.

PS-But I do want to see the qview, you know, just curious.icon_smile.gif
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Maybe we should have a throwdown between Oneshot and smoksignlr. Oneshot can do his Skunk and smoksignlr can do Muskrat. We can have the moderators taste and judge the contest...icon_mrgreen.giftongue.gificon_rolleyes.gif
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Good Luck and make sure you Qview it.
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Never ate Muskrat, but I always loved to eat Beaver.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

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A meal best served wet
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