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Ground sirloin/bison fatty (questions)

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Okay I mixed up some ground sirloin and bison last night and grilled/smoked on the smoker last night. I saved some of the raw meat to make a fattie, but I am a little unsure of times and temps. Any input here? All I figure on putting in it is some shredded hashbrawns, mushrooms, and some Blarney Castle cheese. I already mixed Garlic powder, webber's gourmet seasoning, and just a little kc masterpiece mesquite bbq sauce.
I will try to take some clear pics and post on here later.
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I do my Fattys about 225/230 for about 3 hours... give or take

Im loving the Bison Idea... be sure to show a QViewPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I forgot to add... I try to blast the heat up towards the end to try and crisp the bacon a bit
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Thats the beautiful thing about a fatty they are very forgiving and you can do them at pretty much any temp your are smoking at. If you are doing a butt low and slow at 215-225 thats fine and if you are doing a turkey a little higher at 250-300 thats fine as well. The just get done a little quicker or longer depending on what temp you are smoking at. I just probe them and pull them once they reach 160. It also depends how thick you make them as well.
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Personally, I would only take it until the bacon wrap was done and not a second more. The sirloin and bison both have a very low fat content and it could dry out easily if left too long. I likes my red meats to still be red. icon_redface.gif
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