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I missed this post too, next trip to Sam's I'm gonna ask about the buckets, thanks Todd!

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Some places charge $1 for the buckets

My local SAMS Cllub throws them in the recycling, so they give them away.



No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I use food grade buckets for long term emergency food storage.

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you ---could use them for camping too-------Ken

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I went to Walmart today & yesterday & got some small icing buckets

  & big ones they didn't charge me $1 they just gave them to me

 if was a Super Walmart I went to to different ones no charge then

  I went to Sams Club it was just up the street & got some too

  you have to check  about noon or 6pm to get the lids  they told

  they recycle them first so I call the bakery at Sams to see if they

   the buckets & lids must of the times I have called they have had

  at least 3 to 4 small buckets with lids my wife & mother & sister

  want the small icing buckets with lids for there Christmas cookies

   the lids make them air tight the small or big would be great for

 camping or hunting would keep things air tight-------Ken---Colorado--Smoker

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