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Cheap Cedar Planks - Today only. 12 pack for $20 shipped

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don't wait, these will sell out and are only at this price for today only (3/30/10).

12 planks for $20 shipped. these things sell for $5 a piece at kitchen stores.
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I've never cooked with cedar planks before, is fish the only thing you can cook on them? Has anyone ever tried doing something else, and how did it turn out?
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the cedar smoke isn't strong and goes very well with light/sweet/fruity dishes.

i can see doing it with almost anything but red meat. i've done boneless chicken thighs with mango salsa and roasted vegetables.
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I like to do whole pork loins. Williams-Sonoma sells a pack of asst. wood planks and I prefer maple for pork, although cedar is OK. I no longer buy my planks at the grocery/kitchen store. I buy 8" wide cedar boards at Home Depot and cut them into 14" pieces. I can get 7 planks out of an 8' board for 1/2 the cost of planks sold separately. Plus, they're thicker and provide a better smoked flavor. Just be sure you don't buy treated boards.

The longer you can soak the plank the better and I usually soak mine overnight. Weight it down so it's completely submerged.

I put the plank over med/high gas flame until it starts to pop and smoke and then turn it to low. Keep a spray bottle handy for flareups, but if the plank is thoroughly soaked, they'll be minimal.

I take fresh rosemary sprigs and toss it with a little olive oil and Nature's Seasoning. I lay sliced fresh oranges and the oiled rosemary on top of the pork loin and cook it until I get an IT of 145 degrees. I let the loin rest for about 15-20 minutes. It's juicy and delicious. Leftovers make great sandwiches with your choice of BBQ sauce or seasoned mayo. We like to take minced oregano, the one that comes in a jar and is in the refrigerated section, mix it with mayo and serve with the thin sliced pork loin on some type of crusty bread.

I like using the planks when you want a fun, laid back method of coodking and don't have the time to do a full smoke.
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