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Southwest Chuckie w/o Qview

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I have to say there is no Qview with my Southwest Chuckie, but this is how it went:
Injected the night before the smoke with Jalepeno Butter injection. Wrapped in Saran Wrap, then into a storage bag and into the frig.
Rubbed with 1 packet taco seasoning, plus extra cumin, and let it sit (covered) while I prepared the smoker, washed a few dishes, started a 3rd load of laundry, and let the smoker get to temp.
Started smoking around 11:00 (got delayed with household chores) at 230 -240, using pecan and a little hickory.
Had beef broth with sliced onions in the water pan.
Wrapped in foil at 160. There was an hour or so stall at 151.
Back into smoker until 200.
Then wrapped in additional foil (after adding some of the broth from the water pan), wrapped in towels, and put it in the cooler.

By then, it was getting late, and the hubs and I had already eaten. Put it into the refrigerator.

When I got home from work, I put the foiled chuckie into a casserole dish, covered it, and into the oven at 350 for a little over an hour. I brought the internal temp to 200.

I pulled it and served it with shredded lettuce, chopped tomatoes, homemade pico-de-gallo, and shredded colby/jack cheese on flour tortillas.

Close your eyes, and you can imagine how great it looked, but the wonderful aroma was fantastic. Lots of ummmm ummmm ummmm ummmmm ummmmmmmmm from the hubs. This is a winner.

I promise QView next time, and there will be a next time.icon_smile.gif
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You know, I've heard that if there's no Q-view then it didn't happen...I believe it does! Sounds good! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I've heard the same thing. Thank you for the confidence.
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Sounds like it would be a tasty chuckie.
Like the sound of the jalapeno butter injection, is it something you bought or something you made?
If homemade would you care to share the recipe?
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Sad to say it something I bought. It is made by Bruce Foods (Cajun Injector) and easily available here in Austin at Randall's supermarket and Academy Sports. I may try to make my own as soon as the jar is empty.
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You know, I am closing my eyes & I see......nothing. icon_mrgreen.gif Sounds like it was a great meal. Keep that camera close by you.
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Yes I too would like to see this chuckie for it sounds awesome and I might have to try something like it soon for there are a couple of them in the freezer too.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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