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2 Flats for Corned Beef and Pastrami - Page 2

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Those do look good... PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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Thanks Beer-B-Q!

I appreciate the kudos!

It is hard for me to accept praises. Most things still can be done better, but I guess some times I just have to hold my critical tounge and just say "Thank you, glad you enjoyed it".

Sent some care packages to friends and neighbors. Only about 1/4 left now as this evening. Stoped at one friends house (who also smokes) that had a couple over for deer loins and some home brewed beer (a very good brewer by the way). They passed the bag around and I think the statement was "Aww-sum!"

I still think I should be able to do better! Less dry, more tender. Flavor was not lacking at all for me. They said I had no basis for my critque!

The wife seems to think I'm too critical on myself. Humm, I don't know. The terms, "Melts in my mouth", and when you cut it "juices squirting out all over" just does not come to my mind. Don't get me wrong, it was a rather good product, just looking to do better.

Ya, I'm hard on myself, but I feel I still can do it better! Maybe I need to taste some of the best of ya'all can put together, to have a better comparision, heck I don't know.

Guess maybe I'm just banging my head on the wall.

Well anyway Thanks for the comments you all!

Looking to advance from here,
Denny O
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UHHHH, save me a sammie, PLEASE!!
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Ok Will bring a frozen care package now, LOL, When's Lunch?
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Have you tried this? icon_arrow.gif Just wondering.
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