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Ever done a fatty with rice in it?

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I'm planning my next fatty. One of my best dishes and favorite to cook and eat is what we call "chicken bog" down here in the south. For those who don't know, it has its various ingredients, but the gist of it is a big pot of rice cooked for a long time to keep it nice and gummy/sticky with cooked and deboned chicken, smoked sausage, and/or ground sausage. I make mine with smoked and ground sausage.

The way I make my bog, the rice is real sticky, so I don't think it would be a problem to roll. I was thinking of making a pot of bog, but chopping the smoked sausage up smaller and leaving the ground sausage out. Then rolling it in a fatty and smoking it. That way I still get the ground sausage too and some smoke. Just wondering what y'all thought of this? Anyone have any experience stuffing a fatty with rice? I look forward to any advice. Thanks guy and gals.
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Been thinking the same thing...sounds good!!!
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I've seen fatty's contain rice as a filler/binder, and they've turned out beautifully. The rice was pre-cooked and then added to the filling, then roll it up!
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I say go for it! Nothing to loose but some ingredients and a little time. I'm trying to think of a side fatty to do with the Easter ham (for those in my family that dont like ham [me]

Make sure you give us some qview on your idea.
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I sure have done a fatty with rice in it. I did a bunch of Chinese buffet fatties and filled them with rice and meat. To tell you the truth I would skip the rice and put more meat in it. The rice just falls apart when you cut into it. Well maybe not totally do away with it but cut way back so there is more meat filling than rice. Here are some pictures of my fatty's if you want to get an idea of how they come out. Pretty crumbly with all that rice but then again I used mostly rice.
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I did one with smoked boudin in it and it came out great! Here is my post of it: Take your time rolling it being sure to pack it as you roll and you will be fine. Let us know how it came out!
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Did one last weekend Mexican rice, chorizo & cream cheese taking it to Iowa for Easter but it is real good!
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With all do respect!!!icon_wink.gif and not to offend!!! most folk dont understand "Chicken Bog" unless you have lived in SC or visited here and had some.

TB bet if you added some saffron rice to your "bog" for color and sautéed
green peppers/onions in the fattie it would rock for sure. The next "bog" I cook I'm going to have to try this.
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