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Well insulated smokers

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Hello, i am looking for advice on my first charcoal smoker. I am looking for a starter smoker, but something i can keep as i advance my smoking knowledge

I also would need a well insulated smoker as where I am from yes we have hot summers but we can have temperatures in the winter which on cold days can dip below -20 Celsius which is -4 degrees farenhiet

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!
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Move some where warmericon_mrgreen.gif
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I smoke all winter long and have great success even if it is -20. I do have a smoke shack that is very well insulated but I also have two other smokers that aren't insulated at all. One is a UDS and I have no problem smoking in very cold weather. The other is a GOSM which is a propane rig and I have had good success smoking in below zero temp with that as well. Are you familiar with a UDS (Ugly Drum Smoker?) if not do a search in this form and also on google. They are very cheap to build and run like a dream. I love mine and use it all the time year round. I burn lump charcoal and or Charcoal Briquettes. I can run it for 15-20 hours on one basket.
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Gut a water heater and place a WSM inside it. I have zero experience with that kind of ridiculous weather, so maybe build a small shack that you can heat by fire or propane, then smoke inside of it..
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Ha, ha, ha

I use a propane gosm, but from what I've heard here and from what I've read, you might want to get a wsm, Jeff just did a post on this the other day, look it up, and that will help ya. But I do think the advice on moving someplace warmer was funny. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for the help everyone. Northern Greenhorn I just read through Jeff's post and it was very informative. I also found there are many more rave reviews of the wsm online.

With a few more clicks i found out i can get it nearby

Did anyone know in Ontario we have the worlds largest barbecue and grill showroom??? Guess I have a trip to take this weekend to look at one in the flesh
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You can buy or make an insulating jacket for a WSM or UDS.

for example:

But there is more to it than keeping the smoker from freezing up, a small shack of some sorts would be real nice to keep yourself and your meat sheltered while you work with the smoker during the cook.
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Another vote for the WSM. You don't need a insulated jacket for using it in cold weather just get a windbreak. It's not the cold that will steal your heat on cold days it's the wind.
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+1 for the WSM, handled sub zero air temps and windchills with no problem.

Although I did enjoy starting my smoking life with a cheapo offset, and a propane smoker and what they taught me. I now really appreciate the WSM, and the bbq it puts out, & the steady temps.

good luck with your purchase.
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Not sure of your budget, but this one is hard to beat:
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Depending on how much effort you want to put into it, here are some great ideas for rain/wind blocks.
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Or you could just build a UDS, I ran mine in -20 this winter, no problems here.
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What meatmopper said. I have a stumps it is very well insulated and uses very little fuel. It works great on colorado on cold weekend days.
Stumps is pricey and has a long lead time after you order,each one is built to order.


moving to warmer weather is an option I like too
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Thats some great info thanks guys, i am going to check out some smokers this Saturday to start getting a better idea of what I am looking at

Some great ideas there with the wind blocks and insulation as well for the WSM
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