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Thanks guys I enjoy the growing and canning well and the eating also.

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Great looking garden! It's alot of hard work, but the reward is priceless! Thanks for sharing!

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Here's todays pickings from the 2010 Garden

Okra,Cayenne Peppers,Tie Dye Tomatoes,Sweet 100 Tomatoes,Romas,Better Boy Tomatoes,Banana Peppers and Jalapeno Peppers.


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That is just gorgeous! Are you canning stuff? You're tomatoes look wonderful. I tried to go completely organic with mine and got about half what I usually do so no canning of the tomatoes unless I buy some. Great job on the garden, wow!!!!

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Thanks Squirrel,

Yes I have been canning every thing this year,

Rotel,Juice,Pepper Relish,Raw Tomatoes,Salsa,Sauce and Stewed Tomatoes.


Also have canned Green Beans,Carrots,Corn,Potato's,and a variety of Pickles this summer.




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You might be my new  best friend...


How do you keep the $%!!#? bermuda weeds out of your garden?


How about ear worm on the corn?  My only attempts at gardening in Broken Arrow taught me to plan on the top 1/4 of the ear for the worms, and we got the rest.


About how much time do you spend a day in your garden?


And many more questions to come if you're game...  I never really paid attention to Dad's gardening when I was growing up.  Never thought I would be interested.


I have started and abandoned my garden the last couple years due to work/family issues, weeds, stress, and laziness.  I am determined to get a couple raised beds in this  fall, probably 3 X 12.  I hope to dig up the railroad ties around my old garden area, spray it with Roundup or some such, till it up and then let the bermuda fill it in.  I just tried to do too much for the time I was willing to spend on it.  Things have settled down around home, and maybe I've growed up enough to stick with it.  

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This is the last of my 2010 garden.Pulled up all my pepper plants and got them canned,just mixed them all together in the jars.


Thanks for looking at my garden adventure for this year.Time to enjoy all the fruits of my labor and get prepared for the 2011 garden.


Red and Green Bell Peppers,Cayenne,Jalapeno and Sweet Bannana Peppers




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looks is the time for gardens to start up here.

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