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My 2010 Gardens

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I live in the Tulsa Oklahoma area and grow a garden every year.After finding this site recently I thought it would be neat to do a progress of my garden this year updating with Q/Views periodically.

Here is my 3x8 raised garden with early yellow onoins from bulbs,radish's and Wala Wala onions from sets.

This is my 24x27 garden it is partially planted with bush beans,romano beans, peas and sweet corn so far.

And this is my 7x50 garden with just cabbage so far.
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Very nice looking gardens. My old man is huge into gardening as well.
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Nice looking garden, do you grow any peppers or maters?
Still waiting for my lettuce and onion sets to sprout.
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Yea just a little early to get them planted.

Tomorrow I will be planting potatoes,carrots and more onions and radish's.
Going strickley by the Farmers Almanac this year.
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nice job....love fresh food!
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Garden Update

Up date on my garden...These are my potatoes,when I planted them I planted part of them whole and the other part was cut,the whole taters came up earlier and have grown better.

3 hills of cucumbers grandaughters green beans and grandsons tomatos

Green beans,italian green beans,bell peppers,banana peppers and okra

The Sweet Corn Patch

Sweet Potatoes Anaheim Pepper and Red Bell Peppers

Green onions, Cabbage,Jalpenos,Yellow Squash,Carrotts,Radishs.Wala Wala Onions,Sweet Potatoes,Tomatos,Zucchini Squash and Garlic

View from the other end
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I wish I had land to grow me some crops. Nice garden. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Guess what is for dinner tonight ???100_0525.JPG

Edited by Smoke Farmer - 5/26/10 at 9:30am
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And man was it ever good,green beans and potatoes boiled cabbage and some chicken breast cooked on the gasser with Jeff's Rub and Sauce,boy I love this time of year.


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Picked 12 differnt vegtables from the garden this morning.




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Todays pick from my 2010 gardens

Banana PeppersCayenne Peppers,Greenbeans,Cukes,Better Boy,Roma and Cherrie tomatos,


Sweet Corn and some of the onions


The rest of the Onions


And some Dill



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Wow what an awesome thread lots of good eating in those gardens!!!!!!!!

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Thanks pineywoods,I am canning every thing I can this year and try to stay away from store bought as much as possible.Got the corn in the canner now.

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Now that farm is quite impressive. I could only wish that one day I can grow that much veggis. Maybe next year it might just happen with all my good friends here helping me.

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Thanks Mark,I'm not on a farm just in a nice quit subdivision on 1&1/4 acres.I did grow up on a farm.Still got to have my fresh veggies.

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UPDATE 7/9/10





Updating some of our pickings from the 2010 garden,it has been a real good year getting a lot of veggies put up for winter.












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Very nice garden there! What kind of green beans are those? I have some Kentucky Blue Pole beans growing and while I have plenty of blossoms I've yet to get any beans. I have thre diferent types of tomatoes growing, Early Girl, Hierloom Beefsteak, and Cherokee Purple. All three have tomatoes on them, just none ripe yet. Also have Corn, Japs, Habanero's, Cilantro/Coriander, Yellow Squash, Cucumbers, Lemon Cucumbers, Rosemary, Strawberries, Cantalope, Onions, and Chives.

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Thanks Placebo,

 My green beans this year was early contender bush beans and a Itailian beans the name excapes me on those.The Itailan beans out produced the bush beans 2 to 1and are just as flavorable.

 Sounds like you have a great garden as well,love the fresh veggies.

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Wow Farmer!


Seems like a full time job keeping up with that garden & canning !




Thanks for the View,


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I enjoyed viewing the rewards your garden produced. Great looking stuff!!

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