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Mahogany Shoulder Bacon

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Here be one a several what got smoked (an ran over I might add!) this weekend. Our own special blend. Been popular.

After a two week cure, rinsed an ready ta smoke.

After a nice long smoke. Oh, an a crash!

Cooled an sliced. Waitin ta be vac bagged.

The whole lot was sold out, got bout 1/3rd pound fer myself! Guess I need ta make bigger batch's!
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You should name this "Better Than Sex bacon!!" points.gif

Found "Old Town Ham" on your web site, is this the same brine & process?


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Nope, two different things. We do the Mahogany Shoulder Bacon cause it's leaner then bellies. The Old Town Ham is a cured an smoked ham what we sell some, most folk won't spend the money fer a good ham when they can get one fer a buck an a half a pound. Some people still understand quality an treat themselves ta quality smoked meats from time ta time.
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Tip - those are some awesome looking slices of CB. Always learning something from your threads points.gif
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Always some fine looking Bacon comming outta your Holler Tip.looks great!
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Real nice BBB !! points.gif

Thanks for showing !

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