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smoked cheeseburgers

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I have not seen any threads of hamburgers, but I like to smoke them with hickory. These have japs inside and chipolte cheese on them, I like to put cheese inside of them also.
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Yep I loved a smoked burger. Soooo good.
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Im hungry!points.gif
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Tasty lookin' burgers, as Homer would say " UUM, Burger!!" icon_smile.gif
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Looks good!! may have to give them a try sometime. Thanks for the pics.
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I enjoy burgers on the smoker and what you put in them is all most limitless
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I wanna try these real soon need to search the forums for some ideas.
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oh man what a great idea, never thought about burgers on the smoker. how long do they take?
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That looks great, I would eat one of those right now!
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I smoke them on a weber kettle grill w/indirect heat. I would say about 45 minutes. I cannot figure out how to make thin patties, so the center of my burgers are 2+" thick. Here is the key, I call it my (Draw Play) before you put them on the grill, brush them with evoo.

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Great looking burgers, gonna have to make some soon with some smoked cheese.
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Great looking burgers...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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