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Shoulder Burnt ends & Pulled Pork w/qview

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I have two shoulders. 1 butt and 1 picnic. The butt is 8.6 pounds and the picnic is 7 pounds. Injected both with apple cider, Yoshida's, and Tobasco Chipotle. Rubbed with BRITU dust, and set in the fridge over night. Key to the BRITU rub is moderation. Pulled the roasts out early this morning to bring the temps up to room temp. Sprinkled a bit more BRITU dust on them and into the smoker they go. Smoking at 240 to 250 with Lump coal, and apple wood.

I am going to chop up the picnic after it hits about 170 to 175 and cover with a version of jeff's sauce that I make with honey and chipotle instead of molasses and pepper. Return to the smoker and make burnt ends out of pork. Well see how it works!

The other shoulder is going to be my pulled pork supply for the freezer. Down to one container in the freezer and it looks like thats going into taco's for lunch PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

On to the qview

Injected and rubbed yesterday.

In the smoker this morning with the coal and applewood.

Qview updated as the day goes on!
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Looks like you're on your way to another feast. Don't you just love smokin!! icon_smile.gif
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Hmmmm sounds interesting.
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Smoking my own meats opened a whole new world to my culinary ambitions. I love to experiment!

Here we are at two hours into the smoke.. Starting to take some color. Spritzing with Apple cider, Yoshida's, and a bit of clover honey.

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Oh man this is looking good so far,... cant wait to see the finished product... PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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keep the pics coming, i'm interested to see the burnt ends!!!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here is the Picnic pulled out at 175.. Can we say YUMMMM!!! I of course took some taste tests while dicing it up, and the combo of the Yoshida's, Apple cider, and the BRITU rub are outstanding! Cant wait to pull the shoulder tonight. it's at 160 right now.

Picnic diced up and sauced. Back into the smoker we go!

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Looking forward to this!
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For the Finale...

Removed the shoulder at 195 and foiled for 30 minutes. Bone pulled clean.

All done pulling a few minutes later. Love the flavor combo! This will become a standard around this house.

Daughter finishing off her 2nd out of three helpings.. She decided she wanted to try some and loved it.. Made daddy happy that's for sure!

Now for the experiment.. The pork burnt ends while still good eats did not have the consistency that I was looking for. I will try this again, but it will be with a butt, and not a picnic. Only because of the pain to carve up. I will pull the meat a bit sooner. Maybe 165 and then sauce and smoke. Again, the flavor was good, but not like the man candy you get with beef. I think it's possible, but it's going to need some more work.. In other words more excuses to smoke!

Thanks for looking at my Q!
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good smoking FourthwindPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Good luck with the experiment, they looked good.
Who knows, you just may be the one who creates something completely new in BBQ.
Glad to see your Daughter has good taste PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Something in common

Puttting two and two together, I realized that Fourthwind and Denver Dave have something in common.............A Swiss aircraft manufacturer........But maybe you already know this....
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Yeah Dave made the connection a few weeks ago with the help of Dennis who is apparently a Lurker.. Nice to have you on the forum Mike!
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looks good to me, I like your pork pullers thingys where did you get them
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