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Well that explains it right there, I had shoulder roasts. It specifically states: "usually too tough for dry heat".....(smacks forehead yelling: stupid! stupid! stupid!) icon_redface.gif

I knew I shoulda read up BEFORE attempting...
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Well remember you are slow cooking and applying moisture thru spritzing and foiling, so a shoulder roast may not be totally out of the picture. I use either Underblades or 7 Bone.

under blade pot roast = bottom chuck roast = California roast = under-cut roast Notes: This cut is tougher than a top blade pot roast, but it's flavorful and economical. It makes a fine pot roast, but it's too tough to roast with dry heat. A steak cut from this is called an under blade steak. Substitutes: 7-bone pot roast OR top blade pot roast.

7-bone pot roast = 7-bone roast = center cut pot roast = chuck roast center cut Notes: This is a tough cut of meat, so it's usually braised or cooked in liquid to tenderize it. A steak from this roast is called a 7-bone steak. Substitutes: arm roast OR blade pot roast.

I have had some of these same cuts pull easily, some pull partially and some not pull at all. Once I started doing the foiling around 160 and taking them to a 210 internal finishing temp, I succeeded alot more.
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1) Defrost (if applicable), slather and rub the night before.

2) Set in fridge overnight

3) Pull out and let sit (optional)

4) BBQ at 225F-275F (usually with Oak, Hickory or Mesquite)

5) Foil (heavy duty) at 160F internal temp (thickest meaty part)

6) Finish in the oven at 300F (optional to save wood & time) until 205F internal temp

7) Let it sit for one hour (give or take)

8) Pull, re-introduce some of those mighty fine juices and season (optional)

9) Ready to serve or freeze for later (freezer bags work fine)

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