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Mods on my ECB

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Gonna be doing the mods to my ECB and I wanted to make sure that I am getting them all. I'm gonna move the legs from inside to the outside of the drum, put an adjustable vent in the lid, a better thermometer, drilling 8-10 holes in the bottom of the charcoal pan, and drill 3 holes into the edge of the charcoal pan and stick in threaded rods in them for legs.

Also was thinkin of putting a grate in the bottom of the charcoal pan to let the ashes fall and not snuff out the unburnt charcoal. Thinking of leaving 1/4" between the bottom of the pan and the grate. Will this work or is this not usually a problem?

When I set the lid on top there is a gap around the outside. Is there anything I could do besides stuff it with tin foil everytime or should I just leave it alone?

I know this was kinda long but I want my ECB to rock (as best as it can)icon_mrgreen.gif Thanks again----Pat
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I would leave closer to 1" space. 1/4" would get plugged up pretty fast on a longer smoke.

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To fill the gap between the lid and body I used a gasket from a big green egg
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Is there any other mods that I am missing?
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I would add an adjustable vent to the bottom of the charcoal pan. If you use threaded rod for the pan I would also add a piece sheet metal a few inches under the charcoal pan held in place with a couple of nuts to catch ash and embers from the pan. Still use it on a fire proof surface.
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