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1st Real Rib Smoke on Weber Kettle 22.5"

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I had my 1st real Rib Smoke yesterday. I bought Jeffs rub recipe and it turned out great! I will probably modify the recipe a little but it was really tasty. I did the 3-2.25-0 they were falling apart so I didn't get the 1hr after the foil. The first 3hrs. I had a little trouble keeping temp so on the 2hr foil I kept it around 275-300 They were totally falling off the bone after that so I couldn't really do the 1hr crisp-up. I actually did have some nice bark on the two half racks under the top of the stack but I didn't get a picture.


Hope you enjoyed the qview!
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nice, the Weber kettle can do a really nice job as you just showed.. points.gif
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Lookin' GOOD!!!
Nice job on the qview also.
Thanx for sharing your 1st rib smoke with all of us.
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With the bone falling out at the last pic, I can see it was probably a little done, however, I bet they tasted good and that's the important part isn't it? Good Smoke.
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Now those are some good lookig ribs there Ray.
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PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifThe ribs look good from here. They must have been even better tasting.
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Ribs look good, making me hungry. Nice job.
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Lookd awesome!
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Nice looking ribs points.gif
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Am ready for some ribs now.. They look outstanding...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice job on them ribs!
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Real nice job on those ribs there "Southeast PA" Ray.

Well worth a few------>>points.gif

Now keep your greasy paws off the nice white pickets in your deck railing!!!

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Great Color in Picture Two...Nice reddish brown/mahogany....Excellent contrast against the pitch black of the Weber!! ~~~ Nice job! Congratulations!!

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great looking ribs !, I bet those were gone in a flash PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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