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CornedBeef Dino Bones

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A while back I got the idea to try to make some Beef Spare Ribs(Dino Bones) soaked in a corned beef brine. We had an overstock of bone-in beef ribs left from a sale and needed to bone them out for a ribeye sale we were having the next week at work. The result is about 50 pounds of meaty beef ribs! I fogot to snap any pics of the test batch (4 racks) at work the other day,I'll try to get some when i flop them around the brine tonight. Inventory tonight!PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif They have to soak for a week in the brine. I am probably going to split the test batch in two. Two for corned beef ribs and saurkraut, and two rubbed and smoked for pastrami ribs!
We also had a rack of st louis style ribs that was pulled(out of date) the day I was starting the soak so I threw it in too!! Porkstrami Ribs anyone??? I'll keep you'all posted!
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wow, im looking forward to the results. I love beef ribs and I love corned beef. Good luck
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I'm with brian on this one. Now you are putting two of my favorites together beef ribs and corned beef. Man please take some qview of anything I will keep in touch with this one for sure.
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Heres some pics for now...just got home from doing inventory last night 9pm to 8:30 am.

This is the lug filled with 4 racks of beef bones and 1 rack of st. louis style ribs.

This is the rack of pork for porkstrami!

Time to mix em' up and circulate the brine.

This picture shows excactly why you need to mix them up...the bright red spots are where the 2 racks were setting on top each other and the brine was sealed out of the meat. This happened to a batch of bacon that I tried making awhile ago. That sat for 5 days and I didn't mix them and the spots didn't seem to let any brine in.

All mixed and ready to go back in the cooler for more soakin'.

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Looking forward to the smoke and taste reports.. Pastrami on the bone.. Has my taste buds attention!
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I just updated the post and decided to give it a bump!icon_cool.gif
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Well its been 12 days in the brine Gonna remove and rinse today at work.
As of right now I have thursday off so maybe some smoke then... not that great of forcast though.
Will let ya'll know
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Very interesting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Here is a few pics after soakin in cold clean water for 30 mins after taking it out of the brine. I did a fry test and it tasted just right. It has a more pronounced flavor from the spices and not a slimey feel like store bought corned beef. The only negative aspect is the color is quite pale compared to comercial corned beef, but heck does anybody know for sure what is in that slime they put in those packages??PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif The first pic is of the pork ribs that I threw in with the brine.

The biggest beef ribs

the whole batch

gotta check into the stuff for the pastrami rub

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Coriander, black pepper, and garlic. biggrin.gif
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I wanted to give this thread a bump to keep it up there for I would like to see how theses things come out. I'm intrigued by this thread and I might just have to try it thou. Keep it going there SOB.
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Bumped again. Can't wait for the finished product.
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lurker bump
*runs off into the shadows*
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Thursday 5:00pm The weather is crappy here. On and off raining and WINDY! Rain stinks but the windy makes smoking downright miserable
sometimes. I just bought the corriander today for the pastrami rub so I will mix that up tonight and rubbem down. They have to sit at least overnight with the rub on them.
Heres what I'm thinking:
2 beef ribs rubbed to make pastrami
2 beef ribs plain(to taste the CBB flavor)
1 pork rib rubbed to make porkstrami

or should I just rub them all??

AHHHHH CANT DECIDE!!!PDT_Armataz_01_19.gif
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I cant wait to taste this through the computer screen.

Something I definitely want to try this summer sometime.
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Don't rub the CBB. Allow yourself a control for comparison.
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"Don't rub the CBB. Allow yourself a control for comparison. "
Thanks took your advice Solaryellow Just rubbed 2 beefribs and the 1 porkrib Here is the rubbed ribs

time to rest for this weekend
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Lookin good, you're gonna love them!
Did some "pastrami" spares a while back, they were great!
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Finally got to start the dino bones today! Put em about 1-1/2 hour ago... smoker 1s holding steady at 225-230*. I'll get some pics after awhile.
Boy I cant wait!
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Oh man!
I'm almost excited for you as you are, hope they turn out great!
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