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how to organize a bbq rib contest

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Talking with our local county fair board I suggest they should look at doing a bbq contest at the county fair. They thought it was a great idea and they asked me to help organize it. They are looking at just starting with a rib cook off contest Any good ways to start this process? I see it more as a backyard contest and wouldn't be sanctioned KCBS event. I would love to see some ideas of other contests.

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Well if they are set on just ribs then you may want to consider a couple side catagories like sauce and baked beans just to make it a bit more interesting to the public. ya also need to decide on a single format cooking style. Just wood and charcoal? You will also have to consider your local health regs for food handleing. Hope this helps.
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quick question...where are you?
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im doinga couple rib contests this year, non KCBS.

cheap entry fees($15-$25 vs the high cost of a KCBS event), one is ribs and a wild card item, and one is ribs, chicken, burgers, and another pork item.

judges are locals in both I believe
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