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Country Style Ribs, Fingerling Potatoes & a Colorado Fatty

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Just a little rub on these

Bottom rack of the WSM

Fingerling's with onion, garlic and butter

My favorite, "The Original Colorado Fatty" icon_smile.gif

Will post more more Qview as they come out.
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Looks great, especially the fattie...icon_mrgreen.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Do those purple potatoes taste any different?
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Love country style ribs those look great like the fingerling taters idea also.
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Looks very good, but somehow I do not see the fattie????
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We call the Fat Tire, "Fatty" here.
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I'll take a 6 pack of the "fattie" to go... lol. biggrin.gif

Where are the finished picks... bet the potato's were awesome.
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Ok now we have a funny looking fattie for sure. The you have some purple potatoes are you in Minnasotta or something with the purple and yellow potatoes but it is all looking pretty darn good.
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Good looking grub. Never been a big fan of fat tire. Everyone else seems to love it but to me it does tast like a tire. haha
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are the purple things potatos? if so thats kinda cool, what kind are they?

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looks good, any finished pics lol
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Sorry for the blurry pic, anyways, I did the left side in a spicy sauce and the right side in a sweeter sauce for my two sons, 9 and almost 3.

Here they were side by side, came out really juicy.

I started them at about 2pm, 2 hours on the smoker, then 2 hours in foil, 1 hour back on the smoker out of the foil, drizzled some honey over them at about 5 1/2 hours and left them for another 1/2 hour. They were a little bit tough so I ended up covering them in sauce and back in the foil for another 45 minutes then wrapped in a towel and into the cooler for an hour. Came out really tasty. Even though they were small cuts just goes to show they aren't done til they're done. Potatoes came out good. Sorry no pics, I ended up bringing them in and crisped them up in a frying pan, and all the potatoes taste the same even though some are purple.

Thanks for looking, Andy
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You gotta love Fat Tire! New Belgium Brewing makes a lot of awesome brews!
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looks yummy!
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