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Smokers, Whats your age and how long have you been smoking??? - Page 2

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56 here, Grilling for as long as I can remember. Smoking on 5 months and loving it
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Good post

I'm 36, I've been grillin' since I was 12 or so, I'm new to smokin' foods, I just bought a gosm. My first smoke were some baby backs, I used the 2,2,1 method, and they were awesome, I then did a fatty, that i stuffed w/ corned beef, Swiss cheese, and potatoes, these things are fantastic.
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I have 4 briskets, 2 bacon explosions, 8 beer can chickens/smoked chickens, and about 8 racks of smoked loin backs to may name in the last 5 years.

Been charcoal grilling pretty much all my life.

Now that I have a purpose built smoker to play with instead of the SnP I will be getting a lot more involved in it.
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My old man (R.I.P) was always on the grill. He was in HOG HEAVEN when he got his 1st Weber. He would have LOVED having a smoker. I was always close by when he was grillin'.
In my late teens or early 20's I started on my own grill. I received a smoker for Christmas about 10 years ago. I'm on my 3rd one right now. This past X-mas I was given a propane smoker. I like it, by far, more than the charcoal ones I had in the past.
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39 and 2 smokes of experience.....looking to add a third this week.
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I'm 32 and aside from smoking sausage once a year since I've been 16 or 18, I started smoking about 6 years ago when I got my Chargriller. Got a new MES this winter and it took smoking to a year round event. I don't think it has quite the taste of the Chargriller, but is great for the off season and is much less babysitting so I like it for when I can't use teh Chargriller. This site has been great for new projects and pointers to make firsts turn out well. Thanks all.
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51 And I have been smoking for 25+ years.Got started when we brought some venison to have made into sausage and they charge us $1.18 a pound to make and I gave them the meat besides so I said I'm going to learn how to do this and I did.Now I have 3 smokers and 2 of them I got in the last 6 months because of the site.Now grilling I have done since I moved away from home in 1976 and have wore out many a grill since.The Webber kettle has been around since 69 and the Webber gasser I have has been a tough one indeed probably 12 + years on that one.Bill icon_mrgreen.gif
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I'm 38, and been smoking for just about 1 yr. Got my first smoker in June of last year.
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35 and have smoked things off and on for the last 7 years or so. I didn't get too serious about it until roughly a year ago. Then I found this place and have expanded to curing meats and making my own sausages. This has to be one of the most inexpensive hobbies one can have.
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Age = 42

Been grilling and semi smoking meats the hard way for 15 years.

Been smoking with real smokers for a couple years.
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47 here. Been doing sausage, jerky, etc. for about 20 years. Ribs, brisket and that style of smoking for about 10.
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Been round the block some, got bout a decade an a bit ta early state retirement.

Been round smokin my whole life, grandad an dad both worked in the packin houses. Grandad didn't know nothin elese, only way ta keep meat on the farm back then. Started smokin when I was a kid, just kept buildin on it over the years till now we have a small business feedin other folks from time ta time.
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64 in June and been girllin since 8 or 9 and smokin for the last 3 years
with regularity - been smokin on the grill for 20 years
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I'm an old 51 and I have been grill since I moved out at the age of 17 and I knew everything I thought. Except how to cook with gas for the stove, so it was the grill and alot of blacked foods. I have been smoking for years now maybe 5-6 but I have really honed my skill since I have been around here.
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gassing for 30+
occansional ECB's 20 years
serious smokin (SFB) 1 year 9 months each and every weekend!

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52 here. My dad taught me old-school smoking in the mid-60s. Been refining my smoking skills ever since.
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30, been grilling for years and smoking for about 1
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I am 34 and I have been cooking and grilling for about 17yrs. I have been Smoking for only about 2yrs and I love it. And I have got a lot of help from some good people here at the SMF. So I would like to thank them for all the good info for helping a new smoker out. And I would not even have had the chance to talk with any of these great people if it was not for Jeff and his great web site here at SMF. So thank you Jeff and all of the SMF supporters.
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I'm 52. Been grilling about half that, smoking for a year. It's a great hobby. Teaching myself after reading things here.
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I'm 33. I've cooked outside all my life several times a week. It was only once a year or so that I turned my grill into a smoker by cooking indirect with heat on one side, food on the other, and some wood chips.

I got a CSP for Christmas and that's been the passion this year so far. I think I've only turned on the grill a cpouple times now this year. Its starting to get jealous I think.

I found this site looking for mods to my CSP and found so many great experts this is my go-to site for BBQ now.
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