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30 years old, started smoking on my Weber kettle in 2008 and got a GOSM in 2009.


It all started when I wanted some good beef jerky and decided to make it myself. The hobby has grown uncontrollably since then :sausage:

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I am 31, I've messed around with grilling for a long time. Usually on my dad's propane grill. My Pastor was a Texan and grilled awesome steaks using charcoal.
I had been wanting to get charcoal grill for a long time, but never really did it.
Finally this last 4th of July my wife got my a knock off kettle grill.
I've been grilling steadily ever since.
I just picked up a Webber Kettle a couple months ago, and now I have smoked Ribs, burgers.
My ultimate goal is to build a UDS for long smokes, like brisket, pulled pork etc.
I'm new to smoking, but am totally associated addicted!!
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I'm 27, and just got a new electric smoker back in April and have been using it almost weekly since.

I used to have a charcoal with a smoker box on the side, but after my move to So Cal, and their hatred for open flames in apartment complexes, I was smoker less for about 15 months. I had the charcoal one for about a year and a half, and my first smoke was thanksgiving turkey for the in laws my first year married.

I've been grilling for about 10 years altogether, but ever since I was young, always spent time by the grill with my dad, as most meals we had were grilled.

Now, I'm getting into smoking more so and trying to develop some good recipes.

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I am 37 and I have been smoking about 7-8 years. I started with a gas grill and wood chips. Moved to ecb then a cheap offset from wally world. Eventually got a WSM 22 then last Feb i got a Lang 36.

Happy smoking,
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I'm 52 and have been smoking about 37 years.  Started smoking meat before I was legal to drive.  That being said I'm new to sausage making and it's still a mystery to me but I'm going at it every chance I get.

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59 and just started
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51 and started smoking this summer, better late than never!

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I am 65 and have been smoking meat for about 10-years now. 

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I am 62 and I have been smoking for 7 yrs on my WSM's
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Hello. My name is Don, I'm 50 years old and I just purchased my first smoker, an MES30" digital.
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I am 29 (okay, 51) pretty new to smoking as it has been less than a year. On my first smoker MES30 but already thinking about a complete outdoor kitchen since we just moved to SWFL

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Older than dirt. Started in 1975 with a Luhr Jensen. Still have it but gave to my son. Used to stuff casings with my finger and a wood dowel. THAT OLD :laugh1:

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I'm 30 years old. I have been grilling since i'm about 20 and always loved doing something with meat but got into smoking this past spring with a 40" MES. About a month ago I got myself a 14.5" WSM and love it!

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Wow, time flies when yer smokin. I joined here about 8 years ago and still smokin a couple times a week and sometimes on my egg. yeah, I bought an egg because I wanted to try all smokers and its convenient.
Oh, I'm 67.
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50!  I can't believe it either...


Started smoking as a youth, but I wasn't enjoying it then.  I was expected to do it since we were smoking hams, bacon, sausages, etc. during the winter after working our farm critters. I've always had a smoker at my place since moving away from home. 


Now that I'm not EXPECTED to do it, I love it and it's almost an addiction.

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I have been smoking for about 30 years. I used a propane smoker for ten years,now I have a masterbuilt electric 40" with a window. I just bought it Saturday and love it.
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I'm 48 and been grilling/smoking as long as I can remember.
I've always used charcoal or gas grills and smoked with indirect heat and wood chips/chunks.
Today I purchased a Camp Chef Smoke Vault 24".
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Pushing 60 here. Been grilling/camp cooking since a very early age (thank you Dad). Wasn't til I moved from PA to FL 20 years ago that I got into the "low and slow" cooking. Started out on propane grill. Now have 40MES, an offset smoker, custom built cold smoker and OK Joe 3n1 plus a Weber kettle.

Hobby to passion to obsession. I love it.
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51 years old and smoking about 7-8 years. Inspired by an Uncle that passed away. He used to do it on Memorial and Labor Day for the family.

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Turning over the big five-O next month. Started cooking at home a lot around 5th or 6th grade do to family circumstances. But I fell in love with cooking outdoors particularly with the Boy Scouts. I learned a lot about Dutch ovens, grilling over wood fires, and building improvised  smokers. There was a Little Chief at home almost always had something in it. Fish mostly that we caught, or venison jerky. I remember when the Hibachis came out and the folks got one, and then gas grills were just entering the market. Yeah, had a few of those… Always preferred the wood/charcoal flavor. Except for the time I was deployed, there has always been something in my smoker or grill.  I’ve gone through many (I’m kinda hard on them) grills and smokers. Now, between the MES and the Kettle, that covers about all my needs. That is with the exception of the Jen-Air indoor grill I cheat with when I’m lazy or to much of a wuss to go outside.

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