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One question, before I start the sauce? How fine should I cut the peppers & garlic?
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I pulse mine in the food processor, minced.
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Damn I love wings. Been making them for years. I think I am going to give the Korean sauce a try. I usually just season them up throw them on the smoker and let them go. Nice job !!
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my wife is a big fan of wings, so I am always making them, I originally did this version for a deep fried version, and thought it would work. Now its one of my favorites.
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one question....what the heck is Shark brand Sriracha ????
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Will do. Thanks!
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It's a type of hot sauce from Thailand.

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Thanks.....I have never heard of it
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Available at the evil empire (Walmart)

You can get Sriracha at walmart in the Asian food section. I'm not sure of the brand but it's in a clear squeeze bottle with a green top. I love that stuff!!
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shark sriracha is a brand of sriracha actually made in Thailand - no additives, only peppers, salt,water, garlic,sugar and vinegar,

the more common/avaialable "Rooster" Sriracha @ Walmart, etc. is made in California(lots of additives - potassium sorbate, sodium bisulfite, xantham gum). even with all the additives/preservatives I have a bottle in the fridge.
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Damn! I just made the sauce!!!!!!! Holy Crap, that is tastyeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gifeek.gif

I'm gonna try this on ribs!
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how did the wings turn out for you?
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I never used it on home made wings. That night my wife brought some wings home from the store. They were plain so I threw some sauce on them, and they were good.

Last night I tried the sauce on some true baby backs, and it workedPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

I've got some wings in the smoker right now, and will be throwing some sauce on them in a few hrs.

I'll keep you updated.
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the ribs sound darn good, maybe Ill try that myself.
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What rub did you use? Salt n Pepper, or seasoning salt / something else?
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my own recipe basic bbq rub I use on pork and chicken. cant give that recipe out though. biggrin.gif
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Gonna whip some of these up this afternoon, be my first ever thunderstorm smoke!

What wood are ya'll using? Only 90 minutes, perhaps mesquite would be good. Or maybe a mix of hickory and apple.....Hmmm......

My mouth is watering already!
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Yup! they were goodbiggrin.gif

Any how, here's a pic of the wings on the Char-griller;
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How long and what temp did you smoke the wings at. I want to do some but haven't had the chance yet.
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I'm gonna give the wings at least 2 hrs on the smoker, then will crisp them up over direct heat.
As for rub, I use my own blend.
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