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Palm Sunday Ham

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Decided to do a ham today for Palm Sunday since we will be away next Sunday on Easter.
The wife Liked the one I did on Christmas so well that I am duplicating it.
my Ham of choice is a nice bone in Amish Ham. I use these always and have never had a bad one.
I score the top, give it a little of my favorite rub, then glaze it will Honey and spiced rum. a little ground clove and some pineapple.
It will get spritzed a few times while smoking with the same honey rum.
smoked over apple wood til it hits 148-150. since it is fully cooked it only needs to be heated. I run the smoker at about 225* should be ready for dinner around 5 this evening.
more to come

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Gotta love the smoked ham. Cant wait to see you finish it up.
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Nice looking ham. The wife just made one this week but she didn't smoke it.
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Where do you purchase a ham like that?

[Where do you purchase a ham like that? I live in Lubbock, TX and we mostly have United and Lowe's grocery stores.
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You say 5pm. Is Illinois in Central Standard Time, cause I'm in Mountain Standard Time, so that should put it at 4pm. So by 4:01pm MST the qview should be up, right? Right??
Can't wait!!
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I get to play with a fully cooked ham myself next weekend for our daughter for the other side of her family now. So she alreasdy has the glaze and all so I guess I just have to supply the heat???But yours looks good so far there Uncle Lar.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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they sell them at my local grocer here in town
they are produced over in Iowa not far from me
I dont really know how big of a distribution area they have
but I have baked and smoked allot of hams in my time and these are one of the best I have had,and smoking them makes them even better!
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That ham looks good already!
We have a few Amish markets not too far of a drive from here, next time I'm there I'll take a look at their hams.
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Looking forward to seeing how it came out
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the Ham came out fantastic.
I just love the flavor the apple wood imparts on the ham
and the Honey rum and pineapple top it off!
nice and juicy and the family loved it.

out of the GOSM and resting after 6 hrs

plated with some corn sweet potato casserole and garlic mashed potatoes

family and friends enjoying good food, good wine and good friends

thanks for watching
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That is one fine looking ham, good job, you made me drool on the computer desk, points.gif
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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This is what I'm planning on doing tomorrow. Hope ya don't mind me borrowing your idea. Looks so tasty I couldn't resist. I don't have any rum, so I'm going to try using a good stout instead with a garlic honey glaze. Now I'm really hungry.
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