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2nd smoke

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Well got a request to smoke some more ribs so I finnished the new charcoal basket on my ECB and did the prep work yesterday. I decided to do some other stuff with the ribs.

time to start the fatty.
the weave

some basil

the rest of the filling

all wrapped up

ready for the fridge

Also decided to try some ABTs while I am at it.. nothing fancy just cream chease, smoked cheese and bacon.

everything will be going on about noon for a 6 PM finnish time for the ribs.

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Looks like a good day of smoking.
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looks great what did you put into the fatty. i see 2 different meats. one looks like salami and the other ham?
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Looks like you'll be feasting today! Don't forget the pictures.
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actualy three different meats, ham, salami, and peperoni, using a mild itialian sausage for the wrap.

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Ok we have some Abt's and the a fattie and then you have some ribs. Let me see doesn't that spell:
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So everything is on. loaded upo the basket and put a few chunks of wild cherry wood ontop.

here is a pic of the new basket I made yesterday

Ribs, skined and seasoned. will be nice when I build a new smoker and don't have to cut them in 1/2 anymore

all warmed up and ready to go

Fatty and ABTs on the bottom rack

Ribs on the top

How long do thoes little strips I trimed off take to cook?

here is my atempt of TBS. problem is you can't really see it in the pictures icon_rolleyes.gif as it is leaking out all around the cover and is real thin. but you can see it in the fatty ABT pic.

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ribs are comming along.

but the Fatty and ABTs are done.

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WOW PDT_Armataz_01_23.gif Those ABT's look fantastic! I am a bacon addict, and that bacon is looking perfect! Great job loading up your smoker!
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MY GOD, Dude...................ALL of that looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great job.
Thanx for the qview.
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Ok so the Fatty has rested and heres what it looks like

Ribs are done in the foil, brushed with sauce and heading back to the smoker to firm up.

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Yo stircrazy, everything looks good, your prep work, and looks like your smoker mod is working fine, the Q looks fine.

One question, did you per chance stick an thermometer in your fatty to make sure it was 165ยบ or higher? Just a thought.
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yup, when I pulled the ribs for foiling I put my thermomitor int he fatty and let it stabalize while I pulled the ABTs. hit 165 and a bit, so I pulled it and let it rest.

I am going to make a few changes to the smoker also.. going to cut a top vent in and might rework the bottom intake vent, but the biggest think is a modification of my lump basket. I am going to devide it so it will burn more evenly.. I have a temp increase about the middle of the smoke (while I was foiling the ribs) so I had to remove some lump to get it back down. but I have an idea that will fix that from happening again.

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Looking good

Great looking food, I was wondering about the temp on the fatty myself ?
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looks great and your making me hungry lol
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what was making you guys wonder about the temp? the size of the smoke ring in that baby? or the real pink/oarnge of the strip of peparoni in the middle?

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Ok, so ribs are done, we've eaten, and are stuff and I get left over ribs tomorrow icon_mrgreen.gif

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