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2 Butt Smoke w/ Qview

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This was my first Butt smoke in the new Mes. Rubbed with Jeffs rub, smoked w/ hickory.Spritzed w/ apple juice & Jim Beam mixture. Had the longest stall I've ever experienced @ near 3 hours. Started to panic, but thanks to Ronp, I got through it. First time that I used Jeffs rub, thought it was tasty.

All rubbed down, ready for fridge:

In for the long smoke:

After about 4 hours:

Around 8 hours, lookin good:

Then the loooonnnnggg stall began. Didn't get any pics after finally taken off the smoker as it was late & I was very tired.

After pulling 1 of the Butts, I took a pic of the finished product:

The meat was mighty tasty! The wifey & I enjoyed it. The wife used the foodsaver to freeze most of it. Again, many thanks to Ronp!! Thanks for looking.
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Excellent work on the butts. Looks like the MES is getting broke in correctly.points.gif
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Must be "Butt Day"!

Awesome Looking! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

What temp did you stall out at?

Did it climb fast after the stall?


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Now you can tell your friends that your butts are delicious!! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Great pictures!
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I'm gonna hafta give these a try soon.
Well, here's somethin' I never figured to tell a "harleyguy" but here goes,........... "Dude, your BUTTS look GREAT!!!"
Congrats on a successful smoke.
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Great job

A great lookin meal to break in the new mes points.gif
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Great looking Q and way t o hang in there. Man is at the top of the food chain and shouldn't be beat by a hunk of dead hog. You beat the stubborn thing and enjoyed the BBQ. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I am glad it came out for you.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifAnd you are welcome.
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You too have some good looking butts. Now for a second I thought I was looking in my smoker cause I also have a couple of butts smoking as we speak.
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I hope your going to give us some Qview when done... I have nothing in my smoker so Qview is all I get today. icon_redface.gif
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I actually had 2 stalls. 1@around 158* & the other @around 184*. These were very long stalls @ around 3 hours each. With Ronp's advice I put them in foil pans w/ aujous from the drip pan & covered w/ foil. Set the MES @ 185* went to bed. When I awoke about 5 hours later, I pulled them off the smoker. They were fall apart done. The bark wasn't crispy, but they were very juicy & had very good taste.Guess I panicked on the long stalls, but I got some very good advice.
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They look great I am working my way up to doing one. I been kicking around on sausage. But I have a butt in the freezer.
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It seems like just yesterday the inside of my MES looked that virgin. Now it is getting a nice black seasoning after just 1 month and about six smokes.
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