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Behold the Black Beauty

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I have wanted one of these since the first time I saw one on the site. I asked my buddy at work how difficult he thought it would be to make and he said "piece of cake". So.....

I got the 55 gallon drum to start. Brand new, no liner.

Got the holes drilled up, and my friend Martin rolled a piece of steel and welded it to the top of the drum. The lid was removed and used to cut the ash pan out of it with the plasma cutter.

Next the charcoal basket was made using expanded metal and the charcoal grate from a 22.5" webber. Bolt welded to the ash pan.

Added two 22.5" cooking grates.

Drilled the holes and installed 2 analog therms, and one digital Taylor probe.Also put the 2 inch black steel nipples/caps, and one 3/4 " ball valve.

Used my buddy's Webber lid for a photo opp as I did not have a lid at this point in the build.

Got it back to my place and burned her out....

The morning after, and ohh ya...I got my lid. I used a 55 gallon drum lid used for pumping stuff out of the drums so it came with a threaded 2" bunghole.

Painted with a flat black high heat paint. My buddy also fabricated a stack complete with a heavy duty steel damper out of a 2X6" black steel nipple.
All seasoned and ready to do damage. Behold the Black Beauty.

Thanks for the sweet UDS Martin!!!
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Nice looking build. I sure helps when you have the tools and welding ability. Looking forward to your first smoke in it.
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Cool, nice job on the uds, now bring on the food, and the qview points.gif
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Now that looks SWEET!!!
Great job on the build. Now, get er' fired up and post some qview of the results.
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Nice build, excellent work on that Drum!points.gif
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Great looking smoker! Nice job PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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It's suppose to be ugly, That's a work of art and you'll get goose bumps every
time you use it. I got a MES a while back but when it comes down to doing butts I do like the UDS. ( Ugly Drum Smoker) PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Lookin' good to me! Let us know how well it cooks.
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You have some skill there. Nice looking UDS build. Can't wait to see how it cooks.icon_smile.gif
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Great Build. Looking forward to the great views to come.
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Now how sweet is that...Great job !!!!
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Nice job, great looking uds
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Looks great. The burn didn't damage the thermos did it?
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Now you have done a fine job on your drum and it looks great. You made it look so easy too. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Nice looking smoker, enjoy!!
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im curious to know if the fire mesed up the temp guage as well. looks good though
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gauges are working fine. I figured if they got damaged Icould get a couple more. They were 6 each.
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that is awsome. i would never buy any other brand cause those suckers are tough what kind are they and were did u get them? the 3rd or 4th turkey i cooked on my deep fryer the guage was messed up for no aparent reason just decided not to work i gess anyways turned a 12 lbs turkey in to a huge piece of lump charcoal.
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oh nooo. I hate when that happens. They were Char broil. Founf them at Home depot on clearance. I really wanted to see how hot it would get. Got up to 950 or so..
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Nice job, way too nice to call it a ugly!
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