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Tonights dinner, tri-tip and beans

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Smoked another tri-tip today along with some beans. The tri-tip was rubbed with Spade L Ranch seafood rub, I know what your thinking seafood rub? They make a great tri-tip rub and the seafood rub, the only difference is MSG. The seafood rub has no MSG in it. This is a really good rub and if you can find it, get it! The beans are Bush's origignal beans doctored up by removing all liquid and replacing it with BBQ sauce and adding in peppers, onion, honey, paprika and dry mustard. Oh and BACON!!! Here is some qvoew for you guys, I am still so full right now...

Rub is on....

Bean ingredients...

One of these is always nice when cooking...

Heres the beans waiting for bacon and spices....

Garlic bread for tri-tip sammy's....

Tri-tip waiting to be sliced....

Slicing 1.....

Slicing 2....

Dinner plate 1....

Dinner plate 2....

Thanks for looking!! Cheers!
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looking real good!!!!
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Great looking grub! I hear ya on the MSG, I stay away myself.
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looks great Andy.
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Love that Tri-tip........Looks Great..
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That looks great! If I wasn't still full from my own ribs and beans, I'd be hungry for your grub.icon_smile.gif
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Man oh Man that there tri-tip looks some kind of good there Boise surfer dude. Now I wish that cut would make it over here soon. I cann't seem to fine it anywhere around me in Fla.
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Thanks abokol!
Thanks meateater, yeah alot of folks dont do the MSG, I dont even notice it missing from things.
Thank you bmudd! It sure was tasty!
Thanks Roller, that tri-tip is good stuff!
Thanks 5lakes, I have spares in the fridge all rubbed for tomorrow!
Thanks mballi! I still find it strange that tri-tip is a west coast or central thing, lets see though ocean and surfing of tri-tip....I would choose SURFING!!! LoL!!icon_wink.gif
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Oh man... Why wasn't I invited? All this beer and no where to go... Great looking Q! PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Yo BoiseQue
Thanks for taking the pics and sharing.. The food looks absolutely

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Boise - awesome job on the Tri-Tip and beans!
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Nice job Boise, great pics, good idea w/ the beans points.gif
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Looks great!

might have to find me one to add to tomorrows smoke!
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Thanks Wingman! I will refrain from mentioning that I also got all my home brewing supplies on Friday. Before long I will be drinking my own beer and eating something I smoked, that is going to rock!! You would have only had about an 8 hour drive to get to Boise....LoL!!
Thanks delta!! Love the pic! Two oat sodas Gary! LoL!!
Thanks WALLE!
Thanks northern, smoked beans are the way to go!
I would recommend it Fourthwind, its a great cut and makes ridiculously good sammies!!
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Hey Andy looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What kind of beer is that? looks like a bluemoon but darker...

Food looks great... nice QView as always!points.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Thanks Steve! The beer is Leinenkugels Sunset Wheat, very tasty! I love the Blue Moon though, that is one of my fav beers. I think the fiancee got a little burned out on it though and she bought this one knowing that I like it as well. If you havent tried it you should its good stuff!! I got all my homebrew equipment the other day too, so some tasty brews should be flowing in a few weeks!!!
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I did have that once this past year at a bar in Philly... I loved it... Good call... Yeah i love the moon, but it gives me Gas something special!
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Oh man that seriously made me LoL!!icon_smile.gif
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HA HA HA Good times! sad but true LOLicon_redface.gif
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