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First Butt & Ribs

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Going to smoke a butt & ribs tomorrow. Rubbed both with mustard and Bad Byrons Butt Rub with a little tweaking. I added 4 tbl sugar in the raw 1 tbl garlic & onion powder and 1/2 tbl of ground ginger powder. May add a little brown sugar prior to placing on the grill. Wrapped the butt and ribs in saran wrap and put in the fridge for a nap and will get up around 5 or 6 am to fire up the KEG. Hope all goes well.

Here's a picture of the butt. Forgot to take one of the ribs as I will only do 1/2 rack.
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Sounds tasty

I like the added ginger and sugar, sounds tasty, can't wait to see the finished qview. icon_smile.gif
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Now I have never added ginger to a butt before. But I might try it one day. Now I do use the butt rub from time to time.
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Putt the butt on at 6am. It looked and smelled good, so I am hoping for a good finished product. Trying to get the temps stabilized in my BKCG. at this time, the temps want to climb to 300*. Have both vents closed, so I'm hoping that helps. want to get to 250-260*.
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Butts are addicting!

I tried "Honey Mustard" on my last pork butt, rather than plain yellow mustard. Used a $.49 chip brush to lather the stuff on.

Are you gonna make a "Finishing Sauce"? It really adds some awesome flavors to the pork. I used mine on the side, in a squirt bottle.


No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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Nice work. I love Ginger, Cinnamon, nutmeg and clove on mine along with the normal stuff.points.gif
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That should be TASTY.
Can't wait for the qview.
Good Luck.
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I am thinking about using a finishing sauce, but have not decided yet. I've read several posts that have recipes for finishing sauces and I also have two BBQ books that have recipes, so I may try one.

I have not found a commercial rub that I like so I am trying to come up with one. I can't find chipotle powder in my area and I really don't want to go through the trouble of making my own. So I found a web site that sells fresh spices, so I will order some during the week. I like cinnamon and nutmeg, but didn't have any at home. Never tried the cloves yet. I never thought about using honey mustard. May try that next time.

Update. It's been 2.5 hrs an the internal temp is 160*. Temp in my KEG has fluctuated a bit, running between 250-275 but I think it is finally stable at 255.

Getting ready to spray with a shot of apple juice.
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Starting to look good. Too bad no one has invented smell-a-vision. This is at the 2.5 hr mark with an internal temp of 161*.

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Wow that butt is flying right along. I would highly suggest trying a finishing sauce especiall if you like vinegar. I love the stuff I would just dump it all over the pulled pork but my wife doesn't like vinegar that much so I serve it on the side in a bottle. Also there are a lot of good rubs out there that you can make yourself and its not hard at all. I just throw all the ingredients in a plastic bag and mix it up good. Nothing to it. So much better than buying all of those premixed one and spending a lot of chash just to find out you don't even like the mix.
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I'm still trying to decide it I should foil it or not. One of the BBQ books I have, Big Bob Gibsons, does not foil the butt. I've read posts on this forum and some foil and some don't. I cooked a butt on gas grill and I didn't foil it. It was tender as I cooked to 190* but the bone did not just slide out.

So at this point, I don't know what I will do. The internal temp is getting close to 165* so I guess I need to make a decision.
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Man that looks great.
What times supper?
Next time you smoke get a small aluminum foil pan ,Put a layer of cayanne around 1/4 " thick in the pan and smoke it up.

When ever you open the smoker to tend the meat Shake up the pepper.
It may take on some moisture and clump up . If it does put it in a low oven and dry it out.
You will be amazed at the taste.
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I'll try the cayenne later today as I have a chicken and some ribs to do. Hoping the butt is ready by early afternoon.
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Well, I decided to give the foil thing a try. I don't like dry meat, but I think I will let it go until internal temp of 200, then remove from the foil and put back on the grill until internal gets to 205-210. Then will pull and let it rest for 1 hr.
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another suggestion or something I like to do is after you foil instead of placing back on the grill place it in a cooler still wrapped in foil but wrap it in a blanket thick and heavy. place in teh cooler and let sit for 2 hours. this will allow the meat to continue to cook and cure more but also allow it to mellow out slowly cool down and allow the juices to seep back into the meat. It makes my butts so tasty and good.
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5.5 hrs in, the internal temp is 204. Seems a little soon for the temp to be that high already.. It was about a 4 or 5 lb butt. The temps in the cooker were a little on the high side, approx 260.
I'll pull and put it in a cooler for an hour and see what happens.
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Here's the end result. Pretty satisfied. Meat was extremely tender. Bone pulled out easily. Next time, will inject and will not wrap in the foil. Will probably also add a little more sugar in the raw to get a better bark.

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Here's the ribs. They were on the smoker for about three hours, two on the grill and one wrapped in foil. They were tender and tasted great. Maybe a little on the over done side. Brushed the ribs with Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce.

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Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmmmmmmmmm. FINE JOB.
Thanx for the qview!!!!!!
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