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22.5 Weber Smokey Mountain

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Have you guys seen the size of this thing?!!

I just got one shipped to me yesterday for the upcoming newsletter where I will be smoking a couple of briskets and I'll be danged if that thing was not a lot bigger than I was expecting.

My wife even said.. WOW, That's a big smoker!!

Lots of improvements over the smaller version I have to tell you.. I am very impressed so far.

Set it up this morning minion style with 18 pounds of unlit charcoal in the bottom and poured 1 single chimney of lit charcoal on top. I am 2 hours into the cook and it has not moved from the 225°F mark.

2 gallons of hot water in the water pan.

What makes this most impressive is that we have major strong winds today upwards of 20-25 mph with gusts up to 38 mph.

I have 2 racks of spares and a corned beef brisket in there enjoying some mesquite smoke.

I am hoping to get 10-12 hours out of her but we'll see how it goes on this maiden voyage.

Of all the smokers that I get and use, I'm still like a kid with a new toy every time I get a new onePDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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I just bought one about two months ago, after 4 different smokes on it I sold my gosm to a friend because there was no way I was ever going back, I could not be more happy.
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Bought mine a month ago and this will be the 4th weekend in a row using it. Love it!!!

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Well you just put me one step closer to buying one. I hear so many good things about them. Chisoxjim should be showing up here soon icon_wink.gif
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I love mine, I use it every other weekend. My other smokers are for sale.

I need another one for more capacity.

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they made alot of small imrovements on the WSM's in 2009. Bigger water bowl for both, lid therm, etc. Main things didnt change, why mess with perfection. icon_cool.gif

glad you like the new big unit Jeff.

the WSM is all I will use.
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And Weber just cut & mail him another check!! icon_mrgreen.gif
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Id take a free 22.5" instead. That way i could just use my 18.5" @ home, and lug the 22.5" to comps..
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Ha! I knew you would sniff out a wsm thread like a dog on a rib bone icon_mrgreen.gif

By the way the Twins are looking pretty strong this year might give your Sox a little trouble...PDT_Armataz_01_36.gif
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should be a good battle(I cant wait), losing Nathan might be a big blow, he has had the Sox number for years.
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Yeah that hurts but they made a few other moves this offseason that may pan out. signing Mauer was huge. At least that won't be a distraction. Brand new outdoor stadium opening icon_smile.gif (why they didn't put a retractable roof on is beyond me) Should be interesting!!
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WOW! I was just tooling the site to hold me over, cause it's way to windy to smoke AGAIN!! Then I read this & you end it with the big wind!!

I am sooooo sold. I hardly got a couple smokes in this year cause it's always windy!! I'd smoke a phonebook right now if the temps would hold.
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It was so windy today that it blew a heavy wooden bench over on my front porch.. mind you this thing is real wood and it has to be moved with two people. My new WSM held 225 for a solid 8 hours and showed no signs of slowing down.

Unfortunately, my wife informed me that we had to leave else I think it would have easily went another 4 to 5 hours.

Impressed the heck out of me 'cause I didn't expect it to work that well with this mini tornado that was going on.

Top vent was open about 50% and all bottom vents at about 30% open with 18 pounds of charcoal and a single Weber chimney on top took it all through the day.

I mixed some mesquite wood chunks into the mix so I would not have to add any wood once I got it going. I did place about 4 chunks on top as well when it first started.

Those ribs were the best I have ever made.. better than I can make on my stickburner and I can't believe that I am actually able to say that but unfortunately it is true.

I told my wife, "these are some of the best ribs I have ever smoked"

She said, "These are THE best you have ever smoked" so there you have it. The boss says they're the best then who am I to arguebiggrin.gif

Needless to say, I am anxious to see what she (the smoker, not my wife) will do on a calm and warm day but I have a feeling that me and Webby are gonna be great friends.
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That's awsome can't wait to get mine for b day next month.
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I got an 18.5 WSM about a month ago and have only been able to do one cook. A few chickens and 3 racks of BB's. The day I smoked it was an ice storm and about 15 degrees with strong winds. It was my first smoke ever and I didn't have any problems keeping temps up at all. Food turned out great and everyone who ate it loved it. I'm going to fire it up for the second time a week from tomorrow for Opening Day. Thinking about a small brisket some ABT's and maybe a fattie.
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nice report, PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

interesting you had the top vent partially closed. I run mine wide open up top, and sometimes with all the bottom vents except one closed down, and that one varies on how wide open it is(wind & air temp variables).

as you use the WSM more you might end up like some of us have done, selling off the other smokers you dont/wont use anymore, and putting that $$$ towards meat for the WSM. icon_smile.gif
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I too run my WSM with the top vent wide open. The bottom with anything but chicken is only cracked open on a normal smoke.
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you usin' the WSM today Rick?

Im doing some wings, then either a chuckie, or some sort of pork, depends what looks good at the market.
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what a coincidence, I've got a brisket on my WSM as we speak. And a pork shoulder. and a fatty. (help me I can't stop!). You're absolutely right about the rock solid temps, brisket went over night, and I actually got 3 hours of solid sleep without having to think about the thing.

Oh and jeff I'm using your rub for the first time on all of that meat, so I hope I like that as much as you like your WSM. icon_mrgreen.gif
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